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The Lebanese actress, Nelly Makdissi, has again stirred controversy with what she wears to her fans through social networking sites.

(bakers make it smell better)

A week after she appeared in a bathrobe, Nelly Makdessi published new photos of her on her official account on (Instagram), while she was wearing pajamas.

And Nelly Makdessi appeared sitting on the balcony where she lives in the Egyptian capital, in a satin nightgown, eating French macarons, and commented: (Bakers make the world smell better).

A few days ago, Nelly published her picture with a bathrobe, while lying on the sofa in her house, and commented: (Freeze your mind).

Bold photo sessions

Despite her distance from the world of singing, and the lack of her artwork, Nelly Makdessi shares her audience with the latest photo sessions she is undergoing, and some of her personal life moments.

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Nelly drew the attention of her fans with the great change in her appearance recently, which made them likely to undergo many plastic surgeries, which made them compare between her old and current photos.

And Nelly published pictures in which she wore a “top” exposed on the abdomen with checkered pink pants, and sexy photo poses.

She also appeared in other photos in black shorts and a bra-like top that blatantly revealed her body.

Captain Nelly in Dubai

The Lebanese actress also shared her followers with pictures from her summer vacation, during which she appeared in a black swimsuit.

The photo was accompanied by a comment that read: (Even if you do not like anyone, if you are satisfied with yourself, that is enough, you are more beautiful when you have confidence in yourself).

And Nelly had previously appeared in swimsuits on a boat in Dubai, and put a lace cardigan on top of it, and commented on the post: (Captain Nelly).

In another context, the artist, Nelly Makdissi, aroused the concern of her followers, after she published, via the (Al-Asturi) feature on (Instagram), a picture of her in which she appeared while she was putting a bandage on her nose.

4 stitches in the nose of Nelly Makdessi

The Lebanese actress revealed at the time, commenting on the photo, that she had a minor accident.

Nelly reassured her followers of her health after the accident, saying: (A minor accident, a goodness and safety… Praise be to God for everything predestination and kindness. Thank you so much for your constant question and reassurance about me).

In another photo, Nelly explained that the accident she was exposed to led to 4 surgical stitches in her nose.

About Nelly Makdessi

It is worth noting that Nelly Makdessi, 41, is an artist, model, songwriter and producer.

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Born in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, Nelly studied law and also participated in fashion shows.

Makdissi began her career by participating in the amateur program, Cup of Stars, which was shown on the Lebanese channel LBC in 1998, where she sang folk songs and won first place for the Samira Tawfiq Cup, which praised her performance, and won three cups.

After that, Nelly launched into the world of art to achieve great fame, influenced by Samira Tawfik, according to her statement on a Lebanese program.

Nelly also indicated at the time that the reason for her singing of the Bedouin color was due to her great admiration for singer Diana Haddad, who was famous for the Bedouin color at one time.

Rotana crisis

In 2000, Nelly signed a five-year contract with Rotana, then disputes erupted between them due to exclusivity, which led to the termination of the contract with her, but she signed with them again in 2005, until 2010.

After the end of her contract, Makdissi participated as a contestant in the Splash program on the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation screen in 2013.

Then she returned to the artistic scene after an absence of three years in 2016, with a song entitled “Ma Fish Regala” written and composed by Muhammad Rifai, and photographed with director Fadi Haddad.

Nelly (Warrior Princess)

In 2017, Nelly Makdessi released a video clip titled “I Wish”, in which she appeared as the “Warrior Princess”.

The song is written and composed by Joseph Juha, distributed by Bassem Rizk, mixing and mastering by Elie Berber, and recorded by Hadi Sharara and Joe Baroutjian studios. The video clip was filmed at the “Baadran” castle in the Chouf, with director Randa Alam, in a third collaboration.

A year later, Nelly released a video clip for the song “Hala Hala”, which she filmed under the direction of director Bashir Lagosis, and it is written by the Lebanese poet Mazen Daher, music by Ovidiu Marian Bacila, distributed by Aytekin Kurt and Duran Genc, ​​and recorded in Turkey.

As for Maqdisi’s latest work, it is the song “Haneen”, which she presented from the archives of the late singer Warda Al-Jazaery, the words of Abdel Wahab Mohamed, and composed by musician Baligh Hamdi.

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