Lebanon is on the brink of civil war, and Saad Hariri breaks his silence: “Fear God in our country.”


It seems that Lebanon is standing on the brink of a new civil war, in addition to the catastrophic economic conditions that the country is experiencing, and this was evident in the armed clashes that took place in the capital, Beirut, today, Thursday, October 14, 2021.

According to analysts, and in light of the deteriorating economic and political conditions, Lebanon is facing the specter of a return to civil war again. After the armed clashes in Beirut, which left a number of dead and wounded.

Today, Thursday, Lebanese media reported that a state of tension was prevailing in the Tayouneh neighborhood in Beirut, due to shooting and injuries. And that was near a vigil organized by the supporters of “Hezbollah” and the “Amal” movement, to demand that the hands of the judicial investigator be spared in the case of the Beirut port explosion.

Saad Hariri: Fear God in Lebanon

For his part, the former Lebanese Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, commented on the Beirut clashes, saying that they bring everyone back to the hateful images of the civil war.

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Hariri said in a series of tweets on his Twitter account, which was monitored by (Watan), that “what happened today in Beirut of shooting scenes and shells. The spread of armed men brought us back to memory of the hateful images of the civil war, which is rejected by all standards, and condemned and condemned in the strongest terms and words.”

Saad Hariri continued, “We extend our condolences to the families of the victims who fell, and we wish a speedy recovery for the wounded, and we urge everyone to adopt dialogue. A means of solving problems and refusing to be drawn into the strife that may drag the country to unimaginable consequences.”

Saad Hariri also called on the army and security forces to take maximum measures and measures, to prevent all forms of shooting. Arresting armed men, protecting civilians, preventing attacks on them, protecting public and private properties, and maintaining civil peace.

He concluded his tweets by saying: “Perhaps what happened today, with its ugliness, constitutes the awakening of everyone’s conscience not to play with civil peace, and to respect the constitution and implement it. Laws and the preservation of the state and its institutions, which are an incubator for all Lebanese.

Armed clashes in Beirut

Today, Thursday, the Lebanese army announced the arrest of 9 Prime Time Zone, including a Syrian, due to the violent clashes that took place in Beirut.

The leadership of “Hezbollah” and “Amal Movement” accused groups of the “Lebanese Forces” party of practicing direct sniping operations with the aim of premeditated killing. In the events of the Tayouneh area in Beirut.

The Shiite duo said in a joint statement, today, Thursday, that “the participants in the peaceful gathering in front of the Palace of Justice were subjected to armed attack by groups. From the “Lebanese Forces” party, which spread in neighboring neighborhoods and on the rooftops of buildings and practiced direct sniping operations to deliberately kill, causing this number of martyrs and wounded.

The two leaderships called on the army and the security forces to assume their responsibilities in restoring matters and arresting the perpetrators of the killings, who are known by their names and instigators.


Ghassan Yared, Secretary-General of the Lebanese Forces Party, denied the accusations of Hezbollah and the Amal movement regarding the involvement of the Forces Party in the shooting incidents. Ain El-Remmaneh and Tayouneh area in Beirut.

In previous statements to the Russian news agency “Sputnik”, this evening, Thursday, he said that the statements of Hezbollah and the Amal movement are mere fallacies. Their demonstrations were not peaceful, and some of the participants in the demonstrations entered the inner neighborhoods of the Ain al-Remmaneh area and destroyed cars and private property of the Lebanese.

intervention required

For his part, a member of the Lebanese Parliament, Qassem Hashem, said that what happened today was an attack by an organized group that targeted a peaceful movement. To object to the forensic investigator’s style, what caused that chaos and clashes.

According to his interview with “Sputnik”, it seems that there are those who are stalking the homeland and its stability, so he was ready for this attack that targets the stability of the homeland. And the door opens to sedition that may go green and dry if those concerned do not realize the seriousness of what happened.

Hashem sees the necessity of giving priority to the language of reason and wisdom over the vocabulary of division and fragmentation, in order to spare the homeland more tension and freight. He created a calm atmosphere that would save Lebanon and the Lebanese Prime Time Zone a lot.

He continued: “This depends on how to confront what happened, and take the most severe penalties and measures against the perpetrators and instigators of this attack.”

complete breakdown

In turn, the Lebanese civil activist, Osama Wahbi, said that the security chaos and armed clashes that Lebanon witnessed today. It is expected in light of the collapse that Lebanon is experiencing on all levels.

He added that what is new this time is that there is a judge who enjoys professionalism and independence and is the one who is investigating the Beirut port case, as he went to the political class. And he issued arrest warrants against ministers, politicians, and officials of large parties in Lebanon, unusually, as it used to be that crimes remained without an perpetrator and their files were empty.

He stressed that the battle led by Judge Tariq Al-Bitar was considered by the parties to which the defendants belonged, as daring to take over. They consider themselves above the law and accountability.

He added: Al-Bitar is leading a fierce judicial battle, and the accused political class has not been able to do without the law, the constitution or the palm of the hand. Or by any legal means to remove the judge from the investigation.

He continued: “The parties accused of bombing the port of Beirut set an equation before Lebanon, either to overthrow the investigator in the port case, or to overthrow civil peace and return. To the civil war,” adding: “But it is difficult to reach a civil war in Lebanon because it needs a lot of funding, and the parties have lost countries and forces that financed them with money and weapons, so the political parties in Lebanon are not ready to enter into a civil war.”

He pointed out that insecurity and armed clashes may recur from time to time, with the fading of security and international forces. And with the continued criminality of the ruling political class, he said.

Today, Thursday, lawyers and owners of professional sectors in the “Amal Movement” and “Hezbollah” staged a sit-in in front of the Palace of Justice in Beirut. Protesting the performance of the judicial investigator in the Beirut port explosion, Judge Tariq Al-Bitar.

Michel Aoud warns

The Lebanese president said in a televised speech, today, Thursday, that “what happened today is unacceptable, and the state guarantees freedom of expression, but not by erecting barricades and escalating positions.”

He added, “We will not allow the recurrence of the Tayouneh events under any circumstances, and the military and security forces will carry out their duties and protect security, stability and civil peace.”

dead and injured

And the Red Cross Society in Lebanon announced that the death toll from armed clashes in the Tayouneh neighborhood reached 6 Prime Time Zone.

The Lebanese Red Cross Society stated on its Twitter account that the death toll from the Tayouneh clashes rose to 6 dead and more than 30 injured so far.

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