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Saad Hariri commented on the announcement of the formation of a new government in Lebanon, after a year of 12 months of emptiness, expressing his support for the new prime minister, Najib Mikati.

Saad Hariri said in a tweet on Twitter: “Finally, after 12 months of emptiness, our country has a government. All support for the state of President Mikati in the vital mission to stop the collapse and launch reforms.”

Lebanon’s new government headed by Najib Mikati

On Friday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun signed a decree to form the new government headed by Mikati, in the presence of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, according to a statement by the Lebanese presidency.

After that, the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Council of Ministers, Mahmoud Makiya, announced a decree to form a government consisting of 24 ministers, in a statement from Baabda Palace.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced that his government will draw up a rescue plan as soon as possible, expressing his hope to stop the economic collapse.

Mikati said: “I will contact all international bodies to secure the simplest matters of life in Lebanon.”

He added, “I promise the Lebanese that we will work with a national principle, and we are not with one group against another, and I will not miss an opportunity to knock on the doors of the Arab world.”

And he added: “We must deliver what was cut off, and Lebanon belongs to this Arab world and is proud of this.”

He stressed that “the government will develop a rescue plan as soon as possible, and the time is now for action, not for political debate.”

He expressed his hope “that we will rise with this government and at least stop the ongoing collapse and restore Lebanon to its glory and prosperity.”

Mikati pledged to hold the parliamentary elections, as scheduled on May 8.

Names of the new Lebanese government ministers

Here are the names of the 24 ministers in the new government:

Prime Minister Najib Mikati

Deputy Prime Minister His Excellency Al-Shami

Abdullah Bou Habib, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants

Minister of Education and Higher Education Abbas Halabi

Information Minister George Kordahi

Minister of Justice Henri Khoury

Minister of Youth and Sports, George Kallas

Defense Minister Maurice Selim

Minister of the Displaced Issam Sharaf El Din Chehayeb

Finance Minister Youssef Khalil

Minister of State for Administrative Development Najla Riachi

Minister of Social Affairs Hector El Hajjar

Industry Minister George Bougikan

Communications Minister Johnny Corm

Tourism Minister Walid Nassar

Minister of Interior and Municipalities Bassam Mawlawi

Minister of Public Health Firas Al-Abyad

Minister of Energy and Water Walid Fayyad

Minister of Culture Mohamed Wissam Mortada

Environment Minister Nasser Yassin

Labor Minister Mustafa Bayram

Minister of Agriculture Abbas Hajj Hassan

Minister of Public Works and Transport Ali Himya

Minister of Economy and Trade Amin Salam

Aoun: The government formation is the best we have come to

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said, on Friday, that the formation of the new government is “the best that has been achieved, and we must work to get out of the deserts” (down a rocky pit) in his country.

Aoun explained: “The government is the best we have come to, and we are in the marshes, and we must work to get out of what we are in.”

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He added, “We will start solving basic problems such as gasoline, diesel and bread, in addition to the misfortunes of poverty, debts, strikes, the Corona virus, and the explosion of the Port of Beirut.”

He continued, “I did not take the blocking third (the majority in the government) and it was a political war, and what we should have taken, we took it. The important thing is that we agree in action.”

The lira is rising against the dollar

The exchange rate of the Lebanese pound against the US dollar rose significantly, exceeding 13 percent on the black market, on Friday, after the announcement of the formation of the new government.

This afternoon, the dollar recorded 15,600 pounds for sale and 15,700 pounds for purchase, after it ranged in the morning between 18000 for sale – 18100 for purchase.

The Lebanese pound recorded gains of 5%, Thursday, with the support of optimism about the success of the new Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, in forming the government, which was actually achieved today.

And last July, the dollar set a record, as it crossed the 23,000-pound barrier, after Saad Hariri apologized for forming the government 9 months after his assignment.

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