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Syrian actress Lilia Al-Atrash sparked widespread controversy among activists on social media, due to her appearance in an abnormal condition during a live broadcast of the Lebanese artist Wael Kfoury’s concert yesterday, Friday, in Dubai.

Lilia al-Atrash insults her followers!

Lilia Al-Atrash began a live broadcast through her account on (Instagram) to convey the atmosphere of Wael Kfoury’s concert, but she was speaking in an unbalanced manner, and began to curse some of her followers with profanity and outrageous words.

Lilia al-Atrash says in the video, in which Watan apologizes for publishing it because it contains indecent words, to those who accused her of drinking too much alcohol: 100 years).

Lilia al-Atrash continued to insult her followers, assuring them that she was not drunk.

Lilia Al-Atrash’s video sparked outrage among activists, so the Syrian journalist Ahmed Al-Dara wrote: (I don’t know what I want to say, frankly, I saw a live by the artist Lilia Al-Atrash from Wael Kfoury’s concert a little while ago, very shameful.

Ashamed and blunt

Al-Dara’ continued: (I apologize for publishing the video…because Anjad is ashamed, not against anyone’s personal life, and even slanderous words in the end. He is free, but it is not live in front of Prime Time Zone and cursing Prime Time Zone…You may not be aware of what you are talking about because it is a drink or something, but this is not justified This is the behavior of an artist.

Another wrote: (Something very disgusting).

The comments also stated: (Tomorrow you say my phone was stolen and they wanted to distort my picture).

Another mocked in his comment, saying: (Blessings are with the princes of Dubai who let you attend such parties).

(Crash) Lilia al-Atrash!

In another context, Al-Atrash a few weeks ago aroused widespread ridicule on social media, because of the latest photo, in which she revealed her stomach, and it seemed that she did not resort to Photoshop to hide it.

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Al-Atrash appeared in the photo that she published through her official account on (Instagram), wearing jeans and a white T-shirt that revealed her prominent stomach, and commented: (Back to Beirut).

And one of the followers of Laila wrote: (Praise be to God, not only I have a stomach), so the Syrian actress responded with a laughing emoji and wrote: (Normal, normal).

Others published a satirical picture of the actor Milad Youssef, who embodied the role of Lilia Al-Atrash’s husband (Lutfia) in parts of Bab Al-Hara, and he appeared to be shocked, and commented sarcastically:

Another mocked in her comment, saying: (In the shack of the meat of his litter, her lizard came out to her lizard).

Another commented: (Your seat is in the land!!! In the belly, Madame).

Lilia al-Atrash and plastic surgery

Al-Atrash also raised controversy with other pictures she published, and revealed major changes in her appearance due to plastic surgery, which made the followers accuse her of trying to imitate the Lebanese artist Nadine Njeim, stressing that she has become very similar to her.

Even her colleague, the Syrian artist, Talal Mardini, mocked her, commenting: (Who is this? Don’t tell me who you are), and Lilia Al-Atrash sarcastically replied: (No, it’s not me).

Lilia al-Atrash dance link

Atrash was accused of imitating the Egyptian artist Dina El-Sherbiny as well, when the Syrian artist published a video via (Instagram), as she danced in a short and tight jeans dress, to the tune of the song (Parties of Night) by the Egyptian artist Amr Diab on a Dubai beach.

At the time, the comments came: (It is very clear that you imitate Dina El-Sherbiny, the owner of the song), and (You reminded me of Dina El-Sherbiny).

Lilia al-Atrash’s marriage

And last February, Lilia Al-Atrash shocked her followers through social media, by announcing the date of her marriage suddenly without any preludes.
At the time, Lilia published a picture of two rings on Instagram, and commented: (With God’s help, the date of my marriage was determined, and I wish everyone to share my happiness, on February 29 for the wedding).

It turned out later that it was just a joke, because history does not exist in the first place, and Al-Atrash wrote at the time: (Excuse me, we are in a stone and Corona, and one of them will be harmed, but it seems that I have taken a deep breath, but it is not the case, and I want to thank you all for your messages and congratulations. focus).

Al-Atrash has not been married yet, but rumors of marriage are always accompanied by her. A rumor spread about her association with the artist Qusai Khouli after working together, and the Lebanese singer Saad Ramadan, with whom she co-starred in a clip as a model.

It is worth noting that Lilia Al-Atrash (39 years old), belongs to an ancient artistic family, from which the artists Farid Al-Atrash and Asmahan grew up from As-Suwayda Governorate.

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