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Lines of humiliating citizens in Baalbek provoke the Lebanese after the spread of this video! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A Lebanese citizen documented another catastrophic scene in Baalbek, Lebanon, showing a large number of citizens gathering in front of a supermarket that closed the door in their faces.

Watch what they do with us ?!

The citizen says in the video, which was widely shared on social media, and followed by “Watan”: “Good morning. We are now in front of the Nour Cooperative, today, Thursday, in Baalbek. We, as citizens, watched what they do to us? ”

The woman added, “They told the Prime Time Zone to come at eight in the morning, and from half past seven, the citizens gathered in front of the cooperative. Wait, watch the scene, and the cooperative is closed and its owners inside. ”

In another scene in the same place, a crowd of Lebanese citizens appears in front of the cooperative’s door, waiting to open its doors. So that they can get the essential nutrients subsidized.

Queues humiliated

The scene angered the Lebanese, who called it the queues to humiliate the citizens, renewing their calls for the departure of Tabqa. The governor who is unable to stop the soaring food price inflation, which threatens the food security of the vast majority of the Lebanese.

Quarrel over a bottle of oil

A video had previously documented in Lebanon a few days ago, dozens of Prime Time Zone quarreling in a store to obtain subsidized food commodities.

The video showed dozens of Lebanese Prime Time Zone scrambling and quarreling in a store to get a package of oil and subsidized commodities.

Activists emphasized that this scene has become routine, and is repeated on a daily basis in Beirut and many cities in Lebanon, under the shadow. The economic crisis in the country after the drop in the Lebanese pound.

Quarrel over packaging of milk

Activists also traded early this month. Video clip From inside a commercial center in Lebanon, it proves the extent of the disaster. In Lebanon, a violent quarrel appears between citizens over a “bottle of milk”.

The video showed a husband and his wife clashing with one of the workers of the cooperative, who refused to take an additional “milk package” for them.

The quarrel began with loud voices and then turned into a clash of hands and violence, until everyone gathered around them in an attempt to break the fight.

Goods storage

This scene reflected the tragic economic situation of the state, and the collapse caused by the Lebanese authorities due to corruption.

The crisis of basic materials worsened in Lebanon after a number of citizens were shopping and storing goods, for fear of their prices doubling further in light of the continued decline in the price of the lira against the US dollar.

In some regions of Lebanon, protests have resumed due to the bad conditions afflicting the country at all levels, and the occurrence of three suicides within three days for this reason.

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