“Local Development” participates in the “Ayyad Masr” platform in the “Our Heritage” exhibition


Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister of Local Development, said that the ministry is participating with its development project and initiative “Ayyad Masr” in the “Our Heritage” exhibition for handicrafts and heritage, which is scheduled to be inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi today, Saturday, and will continue until October 15, at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo.

The Minister of Local Development added that the “Ayyad Masr” platform aims to support and empower women and youth to market products, handicrafts and crafts on the Internet to help market them internally and externally, pointing out that technical support for this project was provided in a professional technical manner, by the company “Easwaq Misr” Affiliated to the “i-Finance” group for financial and digital investments, under the umbrella of the Ministry of Local Development, with its pioneering project, the Local Development Program in Upper Egypt, which includes the project of the electronic platform specialized in handicrafts “Ayyad Masr”.

He explained that “Ayyad Masr” is the first electronic platform for marketing Egyptian handicraft products, with more than 1,000 diverse artistic products made by Egyptian hands, especially the Prime Time Zone of Qena and Sohag governorates.

Within the pavilion of the Ministry of Local Development, the Upper Egypt Development Program, the World Food Program and the experts of the “Easwaq Misr” company will display all the mechanisms for using the “Ayyad Masr” platform and the special handicrafts it contains made by the creative hands of the governorates of Qena and Sohag.

Shaarawy pointed out that the platform is part of the ministry’s strategy and the policy of empowering women and youth, providing job opportunities and strengthening the state’s policy towards digitization within the ministry’s plan as well to make all its initiatives available on the Internet to allow more citizens to benefit from all the activities and initiatives of the ministry such as “Your Project” and the Local Development Fund and through the presidential initiative A decent life and the Upper Egypt Development Program.

The Minister welcomed the existing partnership between the Ministry, the World Food Program and the officials of “e-markets Egypt” for the purpose of developing the markets for buying, selling, payment and electronic collection in Egypt, and within the framework of the comprehensive plan of the Ministry of Local Development that aims to support entrepreneurs, increase the efficiency of supply chains, reduce final prices for consumers and develop the Egyptian community Reviving economic growth and supporting the country’s strategy for digital transformation and financial inclusion.

For his part, Islam Mamoun, CEO of E-Aswaq Egypt, expressed his pride in the participation of the Ministry of Local Development and the World Food Program (WFP) in launching the “Ayady Misr” platform project, and participating in it in the “Our Heritage” exhibition under the umbrella of the main participation of the Ministry of Local Development. Emphasizing the leadership and success of “E-Markets Egypt” in establishing and managing major national platforms to support the national economy and develop small and micro enterprises.

He added that the pivotal role played by “E-Markets Egypt” in supporting many Egyptian markets within the national economy gives it more pride and pride, as it represents a strong addition to the value-added chains within the national economy, where the electronic link between producers, consumers and those wishing to work and produce with the addition of many advantages And providing many direct and indirect support mechanisms to all producers, intermediaries and owners of supply chains within all the national marketing platforms launched by “e-markets Egypt”, which is proud of its affiliation with the “e-finance” group, a leader in financial technology services and digital transformation.

Regarding the “Ayady Misr” platform, Mamoun stressed that it will always be made available in cooperation with the Ministry of Local Development, which provides all support to all workers in the field of handicrafts and heritage that characterize each of the governorates of the Republic, such as ceramics, pottery, handicrafts, leather products, antiques, art collectibles, and others. The platform enables producers in the fields of handicrafts to reach buyers inside and outside Egypt directly without the need for intermediaries.

And any of the owners of handicrafts can open a special store in his name on the “Ayyad Masr” platform, and the store will be his own website, and through it he will be able to upload pictures of his products, describe them, display their prices, sell directly and collect the price electronically, and this feature enables him to build a special name in the world Shopping and gaining the trust and loyalty of customers in its products and facilitating the customer’s access to it again.

The platform also provides manufacturers and sellers with a technical support service to ensure the stability of their online store and display their products in the best way and with the best capabilities.

The platform will be supported through the features of the digital lending service provided by “e-markets Egypt” to provide manufacturers and craftsmen with the necessary financial loans in order to support manufacturing and production operations and achieve financial inclusion for these heritage artistic sectors as one of the pillars of the Egyptian economy, providing value-added services; To maximize supply chains for crafts, small and micro projects.

The article “Local Development” participates in the “Ayyad Masr” platform in the “Our Heritage” exhibition, which was written in Al Borsa newspaper.