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Lulwa Al-Khater, the Qatari assistant foreign minister and the official spokesman for the ministry, revealed the nature of Qatar’s relationship with the Taliban and Hamas in an interview with the network.NBCAmerican.

Al-Khater said that behind the scenes, none of the previous Republican or Democratic US administrations asked us to cut ties with any of the groups that we have relations with, such as Hamas and the Taliban.

“Once in power, Republicans and Democrats in fact continue the same strategy of encouraging us to continue to play the role of neutral broker,” she told CNN.

Lolwa Al-Khater talks about the relationship with the Taliban

She stressed that the mediator role that Qatar plays in Afghanistan is part of the conviction of the preventive diplomacy pursued by the State of Qatar in regional conflicts so that Doha does not become part of the polarization process in the region.

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Al-Khater expressed Doha’s aspiration to form an Afghan government that is more representative of all spectrums of the Afghan Prime Time Zone in the future.

She added that the current Afghan government is temporary and the priority is to preserve the institutional entity located in Afghanistan.

Lolwa Al-Khater A also indicated that it is now important to preserve the institutional entity, and this is the direction that we understood that the Taliban would follow.

Qatari FM stresses Afghan reconciliation

Earlier today, Monday, the Qatari Foreign Minister held talks with his French counterpart, where the Qatari minister affirmed that Doha believes that national reconciliation is the only safety valve to achieve stability in Afghanistan in the future.

At a joint press conference, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani said, “In our meeting yesterday with the government in Afghanistan, we encouraged them to engage and engage with the international community. We have made it clear from the start that Qatar’s role as a mediator has always been neutral. We told them that isolation would not be the answer and recognition was not a priority now.”

The Qatari foreign minister added that his country is convinced that insisting on recognizing the new government will not help any party, and that the most important thing now is to abide by what it said and combine that with positive actions and steps from their side.

“They confirmed that they want to engage internationally and reopen embassies, knowing that this will take time,” Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani continued.

The Qatari foreign minister called for concerted international efforts to ensure the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan, stressing that his country will cooperate with all United Nations agencies to support humanitarian efforts in Afghanistan.

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During the press conference, the French Foreign Minister thanked the State of Qatar for what he called its exceptional efforts in evacuating French and Afghan nationals from Kabul.

Le Drian stressed the continuation of cooperation and coordination between Paris and Doha to complete the evacuation of French nationals and their families, as well as “to protect Afghans who are threatened because of the values ​​they hold,” noting that France is interested in security and stability in the region.

The Qatari Foreign Minister met in Kabul yesterday, Sunday, with Afghan Prime Minister Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund, at the conclusion of the minister’s tour of neighboring countries.

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