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The Hebrew newspaper “Maariv” revealed the reason why Israel did not put the UAE on the “red list”, despite the high rates of infection with the Corona virus in it.

In the report prepared by Jackie Hockey, the newspaper pointed out that political and economic considerations are what prevent Israel from declaring the UAE a “red” state.

This comes despite the fact that the rates of corona infection in the Emirates are six times higher than in Israel, but the Tel Aviv government does not obligate those coming from Abu Dhabi or Dubai to isolate.

However, the report added that the United States recently warned its citizens against visiting the UAE due to the high rates of corona infection in it.

Israel and the UAE are currently united by “gram”

The newspaper pointed out that both Israel and the UAE are currently united by a “gram”, and that relations between them have developed significantly in recent weeks.

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She pointed out that the visit last week of Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to Abu Dhabi represented a new era in relations, which can be described as the “post-Netanyahu era.”

The UAE continues to fall into the mud of normalization in a crude manner that provokes the Palestinians and Arab activists, as normalization did not stop at the borders of its announcement, but rather entered intimate stages with the occupying state.

In this context, and after the visit of Yair Lapid, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the occupation to the UAE last week, which is the first of its kind, a joint article was published by the UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed and his counterpart in the occupation government in the Hebrew newspaper Yedioth.

Abdullah bin Zayed and Yair Lapid.. normalization

At the beginning of this article, which received sharp criticism, it was stated: “The world expected that the differences between us will define us, one of us is a Jew and the other is a Muslim, one of us is an Israeli and the other is an Arab. This raised an issue that was raised time and time again; Does the past decide the future, or are we the masters of our destiny?

The joint article was published in the newspaper’s editorial, and according to it, “In the week in which the first official visit of an Israeli foreign minister took place in the UAE, and during which the Israeli embassy and consulate were opened in the UAE, it is an opportunity to ask the question again, and the decision to answer it.”

And they added, “When the UAE and Israel signed the historic normalization agreement in 2020, they decided to take another path. The consolidation of diplomatic relations is a joint effort by the two sides, in order to define a new thought that affects the entire region.”

Both the UAE and the foreign ministers claimed that “our determination to implement the agreements stems from the recognition that we have many common goals, the most prominent of which is our commitment to creating a better future for future generations. If there is an opportunity to build a world of peace, we must not miss it.”

They said, “There is no doubt that we are facing major challenges. The peace we have chosen is based on the background of the outbreak of violence and extremism in the region, characterized by a complex diplomatic dynamic and heavy economic interests, and our approach is to work first and foremost for an open dialogue between the two parties.”

They added: “But we will have to overcome forces trying to plot against us, and despite this, we believe with a whole heart in the power of decisions that put the interests of our citizens in the highest priority and we hope to continue the path to encourage more countries in the region to choose the path leading to peace (normalization),” According to their claim.

Virtues of Peace

Both Lapid and Abdullah bin Zayed stated that “the virtues of establishing a stable peace are clear to all; The stabilization of relations between the Emirates and Israel led to great prosperity; Economic growth, cultural exchange and political cooperation between the two sides, we are witnessing a commercial influence that examined promising opportunities for investment and trade in a number of branches.”

They added: “We are witnessing close cooperation between us; In research and development of vaccines against coronavirus, the evidence; Israel and the UAE are at the fore in the fight against the epidemic, and the rates of those vaccinated in them are among the highest in the world (there is an escalation of the occupation in the increase in the number of corona infections currently), and now we are committed to exchanging knowledge and experience with other countries in order to contribute to the international effort to defeat Corona.”

They pointed out that “In addition, Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi are pleased to share their capabilities in areas such as digital information, smart cities, cyber and artificial intelligence. Growth in these branches will lead to great benefit, and will advance the welfare of the public, as it will deepen competition in the market and promise us For the future”.

He warned that “after signing the normalization agreement, the Ibrahim Fund was established with the participation of Washington, Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, and through the fund the three parties can transfer more than $3 billion to invest in the private market, and develop initiatives that advance regional economic cooperation and lead to to prosperity in the Middle East and beyond, and this initiative will create unprecedented opportunities for the Prime Time Zone of the region.”

The two ministers also noted that “these days, two of the world’s most advanced and dynamic cultures are building together a powerful engine for progress and new opportunities, not only for the sake of the UAE and Israel, but for the benefit of the entire region.”

And they explained: “This dream we share is unparalleled, our audience wants to live in a world of peace, and in order to achieve this we have to work hard, to create opportunities for common contacts and encourage others to join us, and this effort can only be made by Through multilateral cooperation between nations that share our commitment to invest in cooperation rather than confrontation.”

Ibrahim’s agreements

He noted that “it is true that the “Abraham Agreements” (normalization) are the first of their kind in the region, but we believe that they chart the way for other agreements, for a future in which differences will not be an obstacle in the way to dialogue, and whenever the action gains momentum, we sometimes remember that decisive decisions are Decisions that seem difficult or even impossible to us.

And they continued: “We both want to live in a world in which peace is possible, and we must work hard and together, in order to reach long-term and lasting solutions to the problems in our region, and we will continue to carry the dream with all our efforts to build a better world. Peace is not an agreement to be signed, but peace is a way of life.” And the celebrations we had this week are not the end of the road, but only the beginning, we chose differently peace.”

On August 13, the UAE and the Israeli occupation reached an agreement to normalize relations between them, which was signed on September 15 in Washington during the era of former President Donald Trump.

The agreement was widely condemned; The Palestinian factions and leadership considered it a “betrayal” by the Emirates and a stab in the back of the Palestinian Prime Time Zone.

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