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French President Emmanuel Macron’s statements, in which he questioned the existence of an “Algerian nation” before the French colonization of the country, sparked widespread anger in the Algerian street as well as at the official level.

The Algerian presidency condemned Macron’s statements, and considered Macron’s speech “offensive” and considered him an “unacceptable insult” to the memory of more than 5 million resistance fighters killed by French colonialism.

Macron’s statements anger the Algerians

According to the statement, which was carried by state television, Macron’s statements “represent an unacceptable insult to the memory of the 5 million and 630 thousand martyrs who sacrificed themselves through a brave resistance against French colonialism” between 1830 and 1962.

He added that “the countless crimes of colonial France are genocide against the Algerian Prime Time Zone, and they are not recognized (by France), and they cannot be the subject of abusive maneuvers.”

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He pointed out that the statements attributed to the French president “have not been officially denied.”

He explained that Algeria “categorically rejects interference in its internal affairs, as stated in these statements, and that President Abdelmadjid Tebboune decided to immediately summon Algeria’s ambassador to France, Mohamed Antar Daoud, for consultations.”

France suffers losses and Macron is in crisis

Among Macron’s statements, he accused the Algerian authorities of “having a grudge against France.”

He also challenged the existence of an Algerian nation before the French colonialism entered the country in 1830 AD, and asked, denouncing: “Was there an Algerian nation before French colonialism?”

Macron claimed that “there was colonialism before the French colonization” of Algeria, in reference to the period of the Ottoman presence between 1514 and 1830 AD.

Continuing his claims, he said, “I am intrigued to see Turkey’s ability to make Prime Time Zone completely forget the role it played in Algeria, the hegemony it exercised, and explaining that the French are the only colonizers, which the Algerians believe.”

provocative statements

The newspaper describedSunriseMacron’s “provocative” statements, saying that they “return Algerian-French relations to the starting square,” reveal “the extent of the fragility of bilateral relations infested with many poisoned files.”

And the newspaper considered that “it was remarkable in the words of the French president that he was looking for a subcontractor to stand in front of the Algerian-Turkish rapprochement, which is creeping at the expense of the dilapidated French heritage, and that this subcontractor can only be done by the Algerians themselves, which is a hope that remains in the box.” delusion Because Algeria distinguishes well between friend and foe, and does not expect any advice from anyone.

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For a while, political and diplomatic relations between Algeria and Paris have been tense and cold, accompanied by an economic drain on French companies that left the country and the Algerian authorities did not renew their contracts.

A few days ago, Algeria summoned its ambassador to Paris to protest against France’s decision to reduce visas granted to its citizens.

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