Mai Al-Aidan exposes a Gulf actress: she cheated on her husband in exchange for a used watch and harassed a great artist in his house! | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Kuwaiti media, Mai Al-Aidan, sparked widespread controversy, with the latest story that revealed its scenes in the Gulf artistic community, without mentioning the names of its owners.

She cheated on her husband with a Rolex!

The beginning was when Mai Al-Aidan wrote a post on her official account on (Instagram), in which she said: (Stay tuned, tomorrow I will talk about scandals of an actress and director married to the son of an artist, who betrayed her husband in the marital home in front of her children in exchange for a used Rolex watch).

And Mai Al-Aidan continued: (When her husband surprised them, she complained about him at the police station, and her lover calls her Awar Qalb. Stay tuned tomorrow for the details at 8 pm on the snap in boring detail, and every week we will reveal an episode of her scandals so that I know her limits, the promise of a wage).

May Al-Aidan carried out her words, and published a video via (Snapchat), in which she spoke about the case, without giving further details.

(No requirement in Kuwait)

May Al-Aidan said: (I will not specify the place and time in which the scandal became, it is not a condition that it be in Kuwait, it may be in the Gulf, and it may be in the Arab world).

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And she continued: (This actress from the softness of her nails is accustomed to this path, and you see that it is normal to settle a relationship with many Rajajil, which means that I am wanted and desired, although in Rajajil they run after any unit, and we did not see them break relations with their servants).

And she continued: (This actress or director is married to an artist, and imagine that all his friends in the media and non-media places greet him and welcome him and those who see him laugh at him, because they are equal in relations with his wife).

The first manly position of her husband!

May Al-Aidan expressed her feeling of pity for the children of this actress, adding: (They break my mind, those who have a mother like this fail, even when someone advises her about the clothes she wears at her age after she has exceeded thirty and forty, this dress is only worn by a unit, I will not say her profession).

Al-Aidan recounted the position of infidelity, saying: (She took advantage of her husband’s departure from the house, and went to her lover who brought her a used Rolex watch. Look at the level of licenses, even if they are not new, I mean, as you say you are in use as you are at the moment).

Al-Eidan indicated that her husband caught her red-handed, adding: (The first time her husband settles a manly position, and the cuckold is always carried on his back, he beats her and hits the men, and the first time he revolts for his dignity).

Complaint and report at the police station

He continued: (He told his family, “Here is your mother, do this with men so that they occupy her and bring her gifts, for she was afraid that a case of adultery would be brought against her, so she herself went to the police and submitted a report to him that he beat and abused her because of marital problems.”

Al-Aidan commented: (Look at the insolence, instead of concealing herself, she opened the matter publicly, she was not ashamed, she was not ashamed.

(problem sponsor and harasser)

Al-Aidan confirmed that this actress continues to this day, describing her as a “patron of problems”, expecting her husband’s sisters with some of them, and feeling empty in her life if she does not cause problems.

Al-Aidan revealed that the actress’s lover called her (the fault of the heart), commenting: “It is really a fault in the heart of problems, jealousy, harm, fornication and many things.”

And she continued: (Her husband does not sleep with her in the same room, and if she calls her at night, her line is busy, and her husband is as well, and the two are sitting and controlling, what is this miserable life).

May Al-Aidan promised her followers that she will tell them in the next video, how this actress harassed a great artist, after she decided herself with her friend at his home.

In another context, Kuwaiti journalist Abu Talal Al-Hamrani sparked widespread controversy by suggesting that Mai Al-Aidan harassed men, in response to her claim to the contrary.

Abu Talal Al-Hamrani wrote an indirect tweet, in which he said: (In his famous she complains of harassment, and she alone harasss men, including a very well-known composer).

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Al-Hamrani continued, whose tweet coincided with May Al-Aidan’s words: (She was chasing him everywhere and smashed his car in front of the Institute of Theatrical Arts and worked on him with blackmail and threats to destroy his family, had it not been for the intervention of major singers to mediate for him. Whoever wants to make sure goes to ask the most famous singer in Kuwait about the harasser’s predecessor).

May Al-Aidan revealed that she was subjected to harassment, calling for the expulsion of every expatriate who opposes or harasss a female citizen of the State of Kuwait, she said.

Al-Eidan justified its request by saying that “the expatriate came to Kuwait only for the purpose of seeking livelihood, and not for harassment and opposition.”

May Al-Aidan revealed that she was “harassed by an Egyptian expatriate,” and claimed that she ignored reporting him because she “fears God.”

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