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The eldest daughter of the world football star and the late Argentine football legend, Diego Maradona, opposed the Argentine court’s decision to resolve the issue of distributing property to Maradona’s heirs, and she asked her siblings to allow the construction of a monument to her father so that everyone could go to him and watch him.

Maradona’s daughter and opposition to the decision

Gianna Maradona, the eldest daughter of the late Argentine Maradona, said in a statement to her through the Argentine newspaper “Infobay”.

She said, “If it were up to me, I wouldn’t sell anything to my father at auction, however what I feel or think unfortunately goes to no avail, no one wants to meet or talk.”

And local judicial sources said that many goods and things belonging to the late Argentine player “Maradona” will be sold at auction, and the money will be divided between his five children, Diego Maradona Sinagra, Dalma Maradona, Gianna Maradona, Java Maradona, Diego Fernando Maradona.

Ending the crisis of the Maradona heirs

And the Argentine judge, “Susana Tedesco del Rivero,” announced that a date will be set to end the crises between the heirs of the late Maradona regarding the distribution of the inheritance, as it will be auctioned for sale and the proceeds divided among the heirs.

The auction includes the estate of the late Maradona, two BMW cars, a house in Villa Devoto and an apartment in Mar del Plata.

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As well as a container containing the valuables that Maradona owned in the city of Dubai, such as musical instruments, T-shirts, balls, watches, socks, trophies, and a message sent by Cuban leader Castro to Maradona.


Gianna Maradona has asked her brothers to allow the construction of a monument to the world football star, saying: “I hope they can and want to sign to be able to make it a monument.”

She added, “It will not be profitable, but it is worth everyone to be able to go and visit him, my father deserves everything and I hope everyone understands that.”

The Maradona family is facing the issue of the dispute over Maradona’s inheritance, which includes his five children and brothers, his former lawyer and friend of the late player Matias Morla.

And the legend Maradona died of a heart attack on the twenty-fifth of last November, weeks after he underwent brain surgery due to a blood clot.

On the eighth of last March, nine experts, including the doctors who participated in the autopsy of Maradona’s body, were summoned to stand before the Public Prosecutor in the Argentine capital.

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