Marine Petroleum Services Company: Signing 80 contracts worth $ 225 million in 2020


The Marine Petroleum Services Company, the marine arm of the petroleum sector, has achieved a large volume of business with the highest quality and on time in light of great challenges in the labor market, represented by the outbreak of the new Corona virus epidemic, as it was able during 2020 to implement 87 projects with a total of 171 million dollars, and sign 80 Contracts during the year worth 225 million dollars.

Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources – during the company’s general assembly meeting to approve business results for the year 2020 – praised the company’s outstanding results in implementing national projects, at record production rates, confirming its leadership in the field of marine petroleum activities, in light of its possession of a large marine fleet equipped with capabilities Technology at the highest level.

In a statement today, Monday, Al-Mulla directed the need to continue implementing all works at the required quality rates, and to open new areas of work and partnerships with international companies, especially those operating in the Eastern Mediterranean region, which is witnessing remarkable activity in the fields of natural gas, which will contribute to achieving the national project to make Egypt is one of the regional centers for the handling and transportation of gas and petroleum.

He stressed the importance of adhering to the periodic maintenance programs for the company’s marine units and equipment, and continuing to support them with new assets according to the highest level of technology and modern technologies, stressing the importance of expanding digitalization and modernity systems in all uses of systems that qualify them to work at a global level, and attention to raising the efficiency of the human element, and the implementation of programs Modern and advanced training, and commitment to occupational health and safety standards and environmental protection, especially projects to protect beaches from pollution, and adhere to all precautionary measures to prevent the Corona epidemic.

For his part, Eng. Ashraf Imam, President of the company, reviewed the most important projects that the company has implemented during the year 2020 and is currently being implemented, which include maintenance of fields and assets, repair of marine lines for a number of oil companies, protection of beaches in the Nile Delta fields, and entry into new areas such as manufacturing metal containers and rehabilitating platform cranes. Navy.

Source: A.A.A.

The article Marine Petroleum Services Company: Signing 80 contracts worth $ 225 million in 2020 was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.