Maryam Al-Mansouri (and the tears of the crocodiles) .. Newspaper: The UAE is getting more (rude) and is participating in the Palestinian bloodshed | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Lebanese Al-Akhbar newspaper confirmed in a lengthy report the UAE’s participation in the aggression on Gaza, noting that the Abu Dhabi government is equal in their hatred of the Palestinians and Arabs with the government of Tel Aviv.

Direct Emirati involvement in Palestinian hemorrhage

The report prepared for the newspaper, Hassan Ibrahim from Palestine, confirmed that despite the inaccuracy of the reports that talked about the direct participation of Emirati planes and pilots in the bombing of Gaza.

Including the famous pilot Maryam Al-Mansouri She denied in an audio tape attributed to her any participation in her, confirming her solidarity with the Gaza Strip, and that she did not wear Eid clothes in grief for them, because there are developments that preceded or accompanied the aggression, indicating direct Emirati involvement in Palestinian bloodshed.

Among these indicators, according to the report, is a statement by the UAE Foreign Minister, Abdullah bin Zayed, who expressed his country’s grave concern about the escalation of violence “in Israel and Palestine”, condoling all the “victims” who were killed as a result of the recent violence.

The UAE’s involvement in Palestinian bloodshed is also confirmed by the participation of Emirati pilots with their warplanes in expanded exercises that lasted ten days under the name “Enochos” in Greece, with Israeli pilots last month.

That is, a few weeks before the aggression, when the Israeli pilots must have benefited from the additional skills they acquired in those maneuvers, in killing the children of Gaza.

The arrest of Kamal Al-Khatib

The report finds that the third indication of the involvement of Zayed’s children in the shedding of Palestinian blood is the arrest of the occupation forces, Vice President of the Islamic Movement within the Green Line, Sheikh Kamal Al-Khatib, who revealed Emirati operations to buy homes and real estate for Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem, and then leak them to the Israeli occupation.

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The report drew attention to the fact that (the children of Zayed unleashed the normalization flies, but he did not withstand the sweeping wave of Emiratis, Gulf Arabs and Arabs in solidarity with Gaza and Palestine).

The (Al-Akhbar) report reads: (This time, the flies led the former Dubai police chief, Dahi Khalfan Al-Tamim, and the interpreter of dreams, the alleged preacher, Wasim Yusef, so that the two men fully embraced the Israeli narrative of events, seeking to hold Hamas responsible for what is happening in Palestine. And the Muslim Brotherhood, and striking the chord of sectarian strife.)

And he continued: (Exempting Israel from the blood of children, women, elderly, civilians and resistance fighters, and from destroying homes and displacing the population, in a way that even the most extreme allies of Israel in the world have never done.)

And the report added: (Even in Israel itself, one might find an opinion contrary to the opinion of the current right-wing government, which is less weighty than the position of the rulers of the Emirates regarding the conflict between Israel and the Arabs.)

The report quoted an example of this by saying: (Within successive tweets, Dahi asked: How can Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Meshaal expect victory from God when they ally with those who stab the companions of the Messenger of God? As for Wasim Yusef, a Jordanian citizen of Emirati citizenship, who is close to Mohammed bin Zayed, He falsified a phone conversation between an Israeli officer and a Hamas fighter, in which the first asked to evacuate a building in preparation for bombing it, in order to wink from a relationship channel between the two parties, noting that the call was made by the aforementioned officer with one of the Palestinian residents of Burj Hanadi, which Israel razed to the ground at the beginning of the aggression, not with a fighter from Hamas, Yusef claimed.)

The extreme Israeli right

The report asked: (Does Yusef call on Israel to bomb Palestinian buildings on the heads of their residents? If this is what he wants, then it seems that the Israelis who know him well and are citing him have responded to his desire, and the next bombing came on the heads of civilians, without warning.)

In the end, the report affirmed that “the rulers of Abu Dhabi gamble when they link their fate with the fate of the extreme Israeli right. There is opposition within the Emirates to normalization with the enemy, even among the sheikhs of the ruling families.”

He said: (The rulers of Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman and Umm al-Quwain did not issue any official support for the normalization agreement when it was signed last year, noting that some sheikhs, such as the Qawasim of Sharjah, have nationalist tendencies.)

In this context, the Emirati opponent, Hamad Al Shamsi, expressed the danger of that gamble, saying that (the typists with the occupying power boarded the wrong ship at the wrong time, and when the ship sinks, those in it drown!)

Oman coast

The report also pointed out that “even according to the standards of the Arab normalization agreements signed with the enemy entity, both old and new, the Emirati agreement is unique in that it is a military and economic alliance with this entity, which had been prepared for a long time, and then the moment has come to Abu Dhabi assuming the role assigned to it. In the project to subjugate the Middle East, while Washington is preparing to retreat from it militarily, and to administer it by proxy, through Israel and countries such as the Emirates.

The report considered that “going back to history indicates that any wager on a different decision on the part of the rulers of this country is an illusion.”

He said, “The rulers of the Emirates did the same when it was established, when the British withdrew from the coast of Oman in the late 1960s and handed over the country to Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, after they overthrew his brother Shakhbout, in preparation for the declaration of the state in 1971.”

According to the Lebanese (Al-Akhbar) report, the coup was not against Shakhbout alone, but against the most ancient tribes on the Omani coast that represents the UAE today, such as the tribes of Al-Naim, Al-Sharqi, Al-Qawasim and Al-Mualla, who rule Sharjah and Ras Al-Khaimah, Fujairah, Ajman and Umm Al-Quwain.

The British ruled them over the tribes (Al Bufalah) from which the Al Nahyan descend, and (Al Bufalasa) from which the Al Maktoum come. And these are considered intruders to the sheikhdom in that region.

The report added: “The rulers of the Emirates do nothing but drop this history on its present. And the alliance with Israel, in this case, is the way they take to preserve their regime, as Abu Dhabi is not satisfied with its public support for Tel Aviv and hostility to the Palestinians, but rather it participates. Actually in aggression against them.)

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