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Moroccan artist Maryam Hussein sparked controversy among her followers after publishing a provocative video of her in which she composed the Takbeerat of Eid al-Adha.

Maryam Hussein, according to the clip that she broadcast through her accounts on the communication sites and monitored by (Watan), appeared while she was driving her car and composing the Eid al-Adha takbeers, and she made a mistake, which exposed her to widespread criticism and ridicule.

She was also wearing clothes that were not appropriate for the event of the takbeer, the ritual of Islam and Muslims, where she revealed her hair and was wearing a semi-veil, as parts of her chest appeared.

Many of her followers also agreed that she composed the takbeers in a wrong way and repeated the takbeers in a way that made her vulnerable to criticism.

Maryam Hussein and Cameron Herring

It is noteworthy that in early July, Maryam Hussein raised the controversy by declaring her solidarity with the handsome American criminal Cameron Hearn, who ignited social networking sites in the Arab world.

And Maryam Hussein, through her accounts on the communication sites, posted a video clip, in which she announced her support for Cameron Hearn, and she was walking in the street and chanting his name, “We are all Cameron.”

Maryam Hussein with her boyfriend

Maryam was accompanied by her friend Mustafa, and they started talking about Cameron’s case, and she asked her friend about his opinion, to answer:

Maryam Hussein interrupted him, saying: “But it is forbidden, because we are all teenagers, or we were together, when we were, but it is forbidden for 25 years.”

The Moroccan artist continued, with a tone of irony, that she intends to travel with her daughter to America to visit the home of the judge responsible for the Cameron case in solidarity with the handsome criminal.

She said it was not for her but for the girls obsessed with him, as she started chanting his name while walking in the street.

She indicated that her solidarity is not for her, but for the sake of Arab girls, explaining that she is of course in a relationship.

And the pioneers of the communication sites accused Maryam Hussein, of aiming to ride the trend and draw attention to it no more, as she always used to stir controversy to attract the attention of her followers.

The American judiciary had sentenced the young Cameron, who was nicknamed by the pioneers of social networking sites as “Heren the Criminal,” to 24 years in prison, for killing a woman and her child while driving his car at a crazy speed, while he was racing one of his friends.

Cameron Hearn’s story

The name of the 21-year-old American young man, Cameron Hearn, topped social networking sites during the past few days, as he became a “Trend” in all Arab and international countries as well.

Herren’s story began in May 2018, when he was only 18 years old, when he and his 17-year-old friend, John Barino, decided to race their car on Bayshore Boulevard, in the middle of residential neighborhoods.

And when Heren increased the speed to finish the race with victory, Jessica was crossing the street carrying her only 21-month-old daughter, and Heren could not avoid them and run over them with his car, so the mother and daughter died instantly, according to the “Daily Mail” website.

After nearly three years, Heren’s trial ended on the eighth of last April, when he was sentenced to 24 years in prison. At the moment of the verdict, Hearen was surprised and fell unconscious immediately.

The pioneers of social networking sites around the world have traded Herren’s reaction during his sentence, becoming the dominant global trend during the past days.

And some social media pioneers launched a campaign of sympathy for Herin despite his killing of the mother and her daughter, especially women around the world, demanding the release of the handsome criminal.

Where the hashtag “Justice for Hearn” and “Cameron Hearn” topped Twitter, Tik Tok, and Facebook, and demanded the hashtag to sympathize with him, and some women described Hearen as the right husband for them, according to what was published in the “Latin Post” website.

Sympathy campaigns did not stop at the limits of Western society only, but also expanded to include the Arab world as well, especially in Egypt and the Gulf, where the girls demanded the release of Herin because he was handsome, and he could not have intended to kill anyone.

The girls supported their demand to release Herin with pictures of him, which read, “I wish he was fatherly,” as a mockery of their strong desire for the release of what they called “the owner of green eyes.”

There was even a rumor spread on social media that Herrin’s sentence had been reduced to only 12 years, but this talk is unfounded.

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