“May God take you one by one” .. Elisa explodes in the face of officials in Lebanon after this disaster! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Lebanese artist Elissa published a tweet through her Twitter account, wishing the demise and death of the Lebanese rulers, in the wake of the bad conditions afflicting the country at all levels.

Elissa said in her tweet, which sparked a wide wave of interaction and was monitored by “Watan”: “3 suicides in 3 days, and wax statues in Aden are steadfast and they are not choking on positions. May God take you one.”

Elisa’s tweet

Many tweeters and activists interacted with the famous Lebanese singer’s tweet, commenting on comments, most of which carry resentment and criticism of the Lebanese political leaders.

One of the tweeters said, commenting on Elisa: “We all think of suicide when you see your son hungry, and you are not able to do anything by thinking of suicide.”

He continued: “When I saw my son Musthi fry Abalu Shi and oppression in my eyes, I think of suicide, when he sleeps without a nest so that he can have lunch, and we arrived at the stage of loaf. We have become when we do an account, a hero in something we sell, a hero on our behalf, resolving the situation is more difficult than being reckless.

An activist said: “In the Shamaa Museum in the city of Jbeil, statues of prominent Lebanese figures in the world of art and politics … statues of proud and pioneering Prime Time Zone. With their works and their history.

He continued, explaining: “The type of wax is not used, because in his keenness to keep the statue because of the symbolism of the personality that it embodies..As for the idols who are ruled today, they will go. By the fire of the curse of the Prime Time Zone and the most dangerous subordinate Sannis.

A citizen expressed his extreme anger at these conditions: “One would like to say a lot of words, but they are going to tell me about the deformities and say that you are not Lebanese. What concerns you, and you don’t live with us. Stay with the affairs of your country and do not look at us. ”

He added: “It is assumed that after Aoun’s speech yesterday is a satire, and no Lebanese sits in his house, how can a president of the republic come up and say this to his Prime Time Zone. And the Prime Time Zone kept silent, burning the universe Mo State.

Oil, sugar and flour are on the identity in Lebanon

A video clip circulated on social media in Lebanon documented a despicable case of racism during the sale of foodstuffs. In one of the malls, against anyone who does not have a Lebanese identity.

The clip depicted Lebanese State Security men standing up to oversee the sale of basic foodstuffs, such as rice and flour, to Prime Time Zone. Only those who carry the Lebanese identity.

Whereas, every person who wants to buy a commodity must show his Lebanese identity before acquiring it.

The clip documented that Prime Time Zone of other nationalities stand in front of the goods and try to buy the goods, but security prevents them from doing so, and it is limited only to holders of Lebanese IDs.

In Lebanon, supplies are based on ID

The Palestinian academic Dr. Ibrahim Hamami shared the clip through his personal Twitter account, commenting on it, saying: “Only in Lebanon. Selling foodstuffs to Lebanese ID holders under the supervision of State Security.

He continued: “Show the Lebanese identity and take rice. The Palestinian and the Syrian have no right to buy food, and also under the supervision of State Security.”

Hamami continued, describing the passage as “a hateful, hateful, stinking racism that no one in the world has ever seen before. I cannot find words describing this inferiority.”

Many tweeters and activists interacted with the video clip, which depicted the state of racism in the distribution of food commodities in Lebanon.

One of the tweeters commented on the clip: “Hezbollah and its rule wherever they go have brought with it havoc, racism, partisanship and sectarianism, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon. War and instability and the main reason. Therefore, glorifying the island and your quarter for him and your alignment with the enemy only for your personal interests, even if this is at the expense of the Islamic Ummah. Arabia and the ruin of its present and future.

As for another tweet, he went on to say: “Nevertheless, you will not find a Palestinian or Syrian insulting or insulting them, because they are used to the ingratitude and denial of those who are good to them. And respect and kiss the hand of those who despise them and insult them.

And he continued: “They are those who accept that for themselves .. and whoever accepts humiliation and dishonor for himself… He is the one who commits it. Respect with self-humiliation … is not appropriate … and is considered blameworthy.

Shocking videos

Another tweet was taken to take a clip of the video documenting the standing of a woman requesting rice, and the Lebanese security refused to give it to her because she was not Lebanese.

Commenting on the scene, he said, “If you are, I will give it, even if it is out of humanity, regardless of any circumstance in which the country passes, so I raised the hand and extended it to Prime Time Zone. More difficult than anything you can pass through, a real human being devoid of humanity ”.

Quarrel over packaging of milk

In a similar context and evidence of the extent of the economic disaster in Lebanon, activists circulated on social media early this month. A video clip from inside One of the commercial centers in Lebanon, Shows a violent quarrel between citizens over a “bottle of milk”.

And according to what Watan has monitored, a husband and his wife appeared to be clashing with one of the cooperative’s workers, who refused to take an additional “package of milk” for them.

The quarrel began with loud voices and then turned into a clash of hands and violence, until everyone gathered around them in an attempt to break the fight.

This scene reflected the tragic economic situation of the state, and the collapse caused by the Lebanese authorities due to corruption.

Activists expressed their shock at this scene, and the tragic situation that Lebanon has reached.

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