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Lebanese singer Maya Diab suffered a painful fall on stage while filming her X-Plore concert.

Electric scooter drops Maya Diab

Maya herself published the video documenting the moment of her fall through her official account on (Instagram), where she was driving (an electric scooter) and practicing her exhibition movements, before she suddenly lost her balance and fell on her back hard.

Maya Diab commented: (There is always pleasure and pain during filming).

Maya Diab accused of acting and fabrication!

The strange thing is that Maya’s followers accused her of acting and fabricating the fall, so the comments came: (Why do I think the fall was fabricated).

Another commented: (You see the incident illustrated).

And a follow-up mocked, questioning the matter: (With every video clip, I expect, the situation is strange).

Maya Diab without makeup

Maya appeared weeks ago in a video of her nature without makeup, which is a rare thing that she does.

Diab appeared in the video that she posted via the (Al-Asturi) feature on her account via the (Instagram) application, wearing a short blue skirt, and a white top that revealed her body, without wearing any kind of cosmetics and makeup.

Earlier, Maya attacked the ruling class in Lebanon, following the deteriorating economic and living conditions and the collapse of the national currency against the US dollar, and its withholding from banks from its depositors.

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Maya Diab to the rulers of Lebanon: (Azrael rejected it)

Diab tweeted through her official account on (Twitter), saying: (O children of the dog, you group rejected by death and rejected by Azrael because he was afraid of competition, what do you want?).

And she continued: (Oh Haram, my country, you have left nothing but the breath of a sick Prime Time Zone, without medicine, without petrol, without electricity, without water, without hospital, without bread, without or anything).

(the sweetest words)

In another context, Maya Diab was able to reap great success for the video clip of her new song (Ahla Kalam), which she presented on (YouTube) a few days ago, and achieved about 3 million views.

Maya drew the audience in the clip with her leather clothes and jumping over the rope on the stage, which made her the focus of the audience’s attention, given her lightness of movement on the stage and the grace of her body.

The clip was filmed in a number of internal filming locations in Lebanon, and the song was written by Nasser Al-Jeel, composed by Mahmoud Khayami, distributed by Hadi Sharara, and directed by Sherine Khoury.

Mahmoud El-Leithi and Maya Diab

Recently, Maya Diab announced her collaboration with Egyptian folk singer Mahmoud El-Leithi, for the first time, in a new song entitled (Hatali Rouge).

Diab also revealed her cooperation with her compatriot, director and singer Jad Choueiri, to film the clip of her new song, which is scheduled to be released during the coming period, without announcing the name of the song.

Maya Diab deletes a picture in her wedding dress

Maya previously sparked widespread controversy after she published a video clip, in which she appeared dancing in a strange way in the hairdressing salon.

The Lebanese artist appeared with full vitality and activity through her dancing with spontaneous and crazy movements, which impressed thousands of her followers and left comments for her.

A few days before, Maya Diab raised doubts about her marriage again, after she published her picture in the wedding dress and then deleted it immediately.

Maya Diab surprised her followers with a photo that she published via the (Al-Asturi) feature on her own account via the (Instagram) application, during which she appeared in a wedding dress, veil and crown, and put lipstick in reference to her preparation for a wedding.

Maya Diab's wedding

But what is suspicious is that Maya Diab deleted the photo minutes after its publication, and this did not prevent activists from circulating it amid doubts about its connection.

While others said that the image may be part of an upcoming clip that you will present, or just a photo session.

(I can’t enter America for the rest of my life)

Last April, Maya revealed for the first time that she had been banned from entering America for the rest of her life, after her name was listed on the terrorism list.

“I failed to obtain a visitor’s visa to America from the embassy more than once,” Maya said during her hosting of the “Al-Arafa” program presented by the Egyptian media, Basma Wahba, on Al-Mehwar channel.

Maya continued: (I tried a lot until I got an appointment with the American ambassador, and at that time I was informed that I was accused of terrorism, and I could not enter America for the rest of my life).

Maya confirmed that she does not yet know the reason for including her name on the list of terrorism, and who is behind it.

She added: (I am a person against terrorism, and I told the US Embassy in Lebanon, I am an artist, and I do not do any work related to terrorism).

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