Maya Diab stirs up the social media uproar with what she put on her head during her honor in the Emirates | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Lebanese singer Maya Diab sparked widespread controversy on social media with her appearance at the EMI Gala Festival in the UAE.

A mockery of Maya Diab’s look

Maya Diab appeared at the festival in a long dress in a mixture of black and white, without shoulders, and characterized by a bold leg opening, exposed at the chest area, and it was signed by the designer Jean-Louis Sabaji.

What made her look even stranger was the braided hairstyle of her hair, which she completed with a strange accessory on her head.

Maya Diab was subjected to sarcastic comments on her page on (Instagram), where she published the photos, and one of them wrote: (What is this, who is your head Catol – a mosquito killer -).

Another agreed with him, so he wrote:

And a follower mocked, saying: (It looks like a hit is following my master).

While the last of her strange looks, resembled the looks of the international singer Lady Gaga, and mocked: (Maya will not be Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga will not be).

And in the sarcastic comments: (What is this spring), (What is your wedding ring, what is this ridiculousness), (I give you the poem of the snail, Yama the snail), (the same disc of incense, you followed the bugs from us that surrounded your head).

Fashion icon in the Arab world

The irony is that Maya Diab was honored at the festival as a fashion icon in the Arab world, and the Lebanese artist dedicated the honor in her direct speech on stage to her homeland Lebanon, thanking the UAE for embracing everyone and wishing that the event was also in Lebanon, which is currently suffering from many crises.

In another context, Maya Diab attacked the ruling class in her country, citing Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Maya Diab wrote a tweet via her Twitter account, in which it said: (President Sisi said yesterday: Before anything happens, Egypt and the army need to go, because the Egyptian president has placed himself and his army as a shield to protect his homeland, his Prime Time Zone and the land of Egypt.”

And she continued: (As for you, you have not seen in your life the collapse of a country as strong as the collapse of Lebanon, and as for the Lebanese army, I hope it responds to us and takes the decisive decision soon).

Maya Diab’s tweet came after Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri apologized for forming the government, for not reaching an agreement with President Michel Aoun.

Maya Diab attacks the ruling class in Lebanon

It is not the first time that Maya has attacked the ruling class in Lebanon, following the deteriorating economic and living conditions and the collapse of the national currency against the US dollar, and its withholding from banks from its depositors.

And Diab tweeted earlier, through her official account on (Twitter), saying: (O children of the dog, you group rejected death and rejected by Azrael because he was afraid of competition, what do you want?).

And she continued: (Oh Haram, my country, you have left nothing but the breath of a sick Prime Time Zone without medicine, without petrol, without electricity, without water, without hospital, without bread, without or anything).

Dina El Sherbini gifts

Maya Diab had previously revealed that she had received gifts brought to her by her friend, the Egyptian artist, Dina El-Sherbiny, from Egypt.
Maya Diab published a video via the (Al-Astori) feature on (Instagram), showing the large amount of sweets, chocolates and medicines that Dina El-Sherbiny brought from Egypt in light of the severe shortage in the food and drug market in Lebanon.

Maya Diab said in the video: (Look at Dina El-Sherbiny, who brought you from Egypt with her, and you know how we live in Lebanon… I asked her how much she did, and she brought all the needs with her… I love you, Dina).

Electric scooter drops Maya Diab

In addition, Maya Diab suffered a painful fall on stage while filming her X-Plore concert. weeks ago.

Maya herself published the video documenting the moment of her fall through her official account on (Instagram), where she was driving (an electric scooter) and practicing her exhibition movements, before she suddenly lost her balance and fell on her back hard.

Maya Diab commented: (There is always pleasure and pain during filming).

The strange thing is that Maya’s followers accused her of acting and fabricating the fall.

(the sweetest words)

Maya Diab managed to achieve great success for the video clip of her new song (Ahla Kalam), which she presented on YouTube a month ago, and achieved about 5 million views.

Maya drew the audience in the clip with her leather clothes and jumping over the rope on the stage, which made her the focus of the audience’s attention, given her lightness of movement on the stage and the agility of her body.

The clip was filmed in a number of internal filming locations in Lebanon, and the song was written by Nasser Al-Jeel, composed by Mahmoud Khayami, distributed by Hadi Sharara, and directed by Sherine Khoury.

Mahmoud El-Leithi and Maya Diab

Recently, Maya announced her collaboration with Egyptian popular singer Mahmoud El-Leithi, for the first time, in a new song entitled (Hatali Rouge).

Diab also revealed her cooperation with her compatriot, director and singer Jad Choueiri, to film the clip of her new song, which is scheduled to be released during the coming period, without announcing the name of the song.

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