Mbappe deletes his influential tweet after his transfer to Real Madrid failed (photo) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The French star Kylian Mbappe, 22, was removed from the Paris Saint-Germain striker after the failure to settle his transfer to Real Madrid during the summer transfer season, which ended at the end of last month.

Mbappe and the deleted tweet

Mbappe posted a message to him through his personal account on the social networking sites “Instagram” after the end of the summer transfer season without resolving his transfer to Real Madrid after his club, Paris Saint-Germain, refused.

It said: “I respect you, brother, for your extreme professionalism. Reprogram your dreams soon. Life is wonderful and you are the best.”

A few hours had passed since the player posted it through his personal account, to delete that message.

Paris Saint-Germain rejected Mbappe’s offer

According to Spanish reports, Real Madrid made an attractive offer that exceeded 200 million euros, but the Paris Saint-Germain administration refused to give up the player during the summer transfer season, which officially ended on Tuesday.

French star Kylian Mbappe rejected the latest attractive offer from his club, Paris Saint-Germain, in order to renew his contract within the team, which amounted to 45 million euros, according to the French newspaper Le Parisien.

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Mbappe’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires next June, amid ongoing negotiations between the management of the Parisian club, the player’s agent, in order to convince him to stay and renew his contract with the team during the coming seasons.

And if the player is determined to refuse to renew his contract, he is scheduled to leave in a free deal at the end of the current season, according to the terms of the contract with Paris Saint-Germain, amid a desire to leave for Real Madrid, but the latter failed to settle the deal this season.

It is worth noting that Mbappe was crowned the top scorer in the French League last season with 27 goals, while he scored 4 goals at the end of the fourth round of the beginning of the current French season before the international stoppage due to the World Cup qualifiers 2022.

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