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Egyptian actress, Menna Fadali, published bold pictures of her latest photoshoot at Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai, bidding farewell to her summer vacation.

extraneous hints

And Menna Fadali appeared in the pictures that she published through her official account on (Instagram), wearing a cash-swimsuit, and hot jeans that almost do not appear due to the shortness of his height.

Menna Fadali wore a raised hairstyle, complementing her look with sunglasses and some jewelry.

Menna Fadali sparked controversy with her daring clothes, as well as the filming poses that she presented to many comments that bear outward suggestions.

Mina’s photo session came just days after her bold image with her fellow artist Khaled Selim, in which she appeared in very short clothes that revealed her underwear.

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Menna Fadali published the photo, in which she appeared in a very short red dress, and commented: (I am very happy to act with my best friend Khaled for the second time, I wish success to us and the crew).

Menna Fadali also published a group photo in which actresses Sawsan Badr, Khaled Selim, Hala Fakher, and Tony Maher appeared, and commented: (The lovers are all in the picture of a movie in the heart, so you can watch a solid film directed by Dr. Marcos Adel, produced by Al-Rimas, director of photography, Mohamed Ezz Al-Arab).

But what caught the audience was the appearance of Menna Fadali’s underwear, so he commented: (But this dress is too short for me to be in a hospital).

And another wrote sarcastically: (Amal where are the pants, you only wore them with a blouse).

Another attacked her, saying: (See yourself cheap meat).

And a follower asked: (I don’t understand what this dress is, seriously, this is May, or a normal outfit).

Menna Fadali with Al Fares

Weeks ago, Menna Fadali posted pictures of her looking happy, wearing a green T-shirt without.

Menna Fadali commented on the photo album she published: “Life became much simpler when I decided to let some Prime Time Zone misunderstand me.”

The Egyptian actress, Menna Fadali, was a guest on a new episode of the “With Al-Fares” program on the Iraqi (Al-Rasheed) channel, presented by the Iraqi journalist Nizar Al-Faris, making controversial statements.

During the episode, she was wearing ripped jeans, yet she accepted the “Knight” challenge and wore the hijab.

While the presenter of the program expressed his admiration for the veil on her, Menna Fadali said that one day she would wear it. She added that she is not against the veil, and that even she wears it, she should never take it off.

She said she prays and is obligated to perform the five duties, and she also prays Fajr.

Menna Fadali said that she does not wear a headscarf and wears swimsuits a lot, but it is very natural that when she enters a mosque, she wears a veil at least, because every place has its own clothing and respect.

She added that she performed the Umrah twice and wanted to perform it for the third time.

marital rape

Nizar Al-Fares surprised the Egyptian artist by asking about the topic of “marital rape”, to which she replied that she was the first time she had heard of this term.

The Iraqi journalist said that the artist Sumaya al-Khashab confirms the existence of marital rape. Menna Fadali said that the marital relationship is private and no one is allowed to talk about these matters on the social media.

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Menna Fadali added that she is not fit to be sexy and does not consider herself as such, in reference to her small size.

Menna Fadali: Yasmine Sabry is a weak actress

In the meeting, she said that actress Yasmine Sabry has special circumstances and her husband produces works of art for her, and she sees her as a beautiful person, but a weak actress.

She indicated that Yasmine Sabry had bought fame. She said that Mai Omar and Yasmine had appeared before her.

Art activity and 3 new movies

On the technical level, Menna Fadali is active in the cinema and participates in three films, the first of which is called “Mini Bar”.

In the film, Menna embodies the role of a popular girl who lives in a neighborhood and works as a “waitress” in a bar. She faces many difficulties due to her work and the nature of the environment in which she lives.

And the championship is shared by Nidal Al-Shafei, Salah Abdullah, Randa Al-Behairy, Medhat Tekha, Taher Abu Laila, Hassan Abdel-Fattah, Shaima Younes, and it is directed by Adel Al-Aasar and Muhammad Al-Khudari.

As for the second movie, entitled “In the Heart”, starring Khaled Selim, Nisreen Tafesh, Sawsan Badr, Hala Fakher, Tony Maher, Engy Kiwan, Austin Ishaq, script and dialogue by Samir Yasser, and directed by Mark Adel.

And the third films in which Menna Fadali participates, titled (My Spirit is Yours), with Ihab Fahmy, Marwa Abdel Moneim, Mathat Tekha, Amr Abdel Aziz, Islam Ismail, Sherif Baher Ahmed Ali, written by Naji Abdullah and directed by Mazen Niazi.

The story (My Spirit is for You) revolves around a young doctor who dedicates her life to her work in the hospital, and she suffers an accident that turns the events around.

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