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A Spanish newspaper close to the Barcelona club management revealed that the captain of the Catalan team, Lionel Messi, has reached an agreement to renew his contract with the team for a period of five years.

Messi and Barcelona

And the Spanish sports newspaper “Sport” reported in a report published yesterday, Wednesday, that Barcelona hopes to confirm the deal this week with Argentine star Lionel Messi.

And the newspaper indicated, that it is certain that the end of Messi’s career will be with Barcelona, ​​​​as a five-year contract was agreed upon, and when his contract expires, he will be 39 years old.

The contract also includes a penalty clause of 600 million euros, equivalent to 709.2 million dollars.

In the same context, a French newspaper revealed that Paris Saint-Germain decided to completely abandon the idea of ​​contracting Argentine star Lionel Messi, 34, during the current summer transfer season.

And the newspaper reported, that Paris Saint-Germain is no longer working on the Messi deal file, although the transfer market extends to the end of next August.

She added, “The Messi deal file has been closed by the Paris Saint-Germain administration, and there is no need to reopen it again.”

The current president of Zamalek provokes the anger of his traditional rival, Al-Ahly.

This comes due to the financial pressures regarding salaries in the Parisian club, with the presence of the Brazilian Neymar, the French Kylian Mbappe, the arrival of the Dutch Jorginho Wijnaldum and the Spaniard Sergio Ramos.

As well as the Moroccan international player Ashraf Hakimi, whose management paid $60 million to join him, and the approach of contracting with Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Messi contract expires

Lionel Messi’s contract expired on the 30th of last June, after which he became a free player, but the player did not want to leave the Catalan club despite the tempting offers to sign him, and his desire to stay with the Barcelona team, which began 13 years ago.

Messi won his first title with the Argentine national team, after he managed to win the Copa America after defeating the host team, “Brazil”, with a clean goal without a response.

Messi’s title with the Argentine national team is the 15th in the history of the team’s career, and the first since 1993.

Barcelona and the financial crisis

Despite the financial crisis suffered by the Spanish club Barcelona, ​​​​he managed to preserve his Argentine gem Messi from leaving the ranks of the Catalan team, and the player is likely to give up part of his salary in order to continue with the team.

It is noteworthy that the Argentine star Lionel Messi played 778 games with the Spanish team Barcelona, ​​in which he scored 672 goals, and crowned 35 titles during his career with the Spanish “Blaugrana” team.

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