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Argentine star Lionel Messi, 34, became a free player last night after his contract with Barcelona officially expired, and the player has the right to move to any other club with a free transfer deal, in light of his failure to respond to the latest offer of the Catalan team president, Joan Laporta, regarding the renewal of his contract.

Barcelona and the signing of Messi

According to Spanish reports, the Barcelona club management is one of the clubs most interested in obtaining the services of the flea “Messi” and renewing his contract again within the ranks of the Catalan team, as his last renewal was in the summer of 2017, while negotiations are still underway to renew his contract so far.

Reports revealed that the player Messi is closer to renewing his contract with Barcelona than to move to another club, in light of the anticipation of the French club Paris Saint-Germain in contracting with the player in the event of stumbling with the management of the Catalan team or moving the American League in the state of the United States of America.

persuading messi

The Argentine star “Lionel Messi”, in order to stay with the Spanish team Barcelona, ​​​​has agreed to reduce his salary in conjunction with the financial crisis that the Catalan club is going through, according to the famous Spanish program “El Chiringuito”.

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And earlier, Barcelona club president, Joan Laporta, managed to convince the captain of the Spanish team, Barcelona, ​​​​Messi, that there is a strong sports project within the Catalan club, and that he is part of this project.

Laporta’s last show

And Spanish media reported that Barcelona President Joan Laporta had offered Messi earlier to renew his contract for two years in the Barcelona team, and allow him to leave in order to play in the American League for a period of three years.

These means added that the player will then decide to retire from the football world, and then return to the ranks of FC Barcelona to work in the administrative side.

penalty clause

Lionel Messi’s career began within the ranks of the Spanish team Barcelona in the summer of 2004, and the player had previously decided to leave Barcelona and allow him to leave for free, by activating the clause in his contract that allows him to do so.

But this matter was rejected by former Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu because of the expiration of that condition, and forced him to pay the penalty clause of 700 million euros, equivalent to 824 million euros, to allow him to leave, forcing Messi to stay in the team.

It is worth noting that the player Lionel Messi is participating with the Argentina national team in the Copa America during the current period, which is hosted by the State of Brazil.

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