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Barcelona star Lionel Messi posted videos via the “Story” feature on his Instagram account, showing his wife, model, Antonella Roccuzzo, doing exercises in the gym.

The scenes that Messi posted to his wife show her exercising in the gym, wearing open sports clothes, and deliberately filming them from behind in a manner described as daring.

Messi and his wife in the gym

Messi dives underwater and kisses his wife

Two days ago, the Barcelona star published a video clip on his Instagram account, with his wife, model, Antonella Roccuzzo, while they were enjoying a vacation.

And the flea appeared diving in the water of a pond, with his wife Antonella Roccuzzo, and kissing her underwater.

Messi published another picture, accompanied by his wife and children, in the pond, enjoying the atmosphere.

Who is Antonella Roccuzzo, Messi’s wife?

Antonella Roccuzzo was born in Lionel’s hometown of Rosario, and is the cousin of Barcelona star Lucas Scalia’s childhood friend.

Messi’s wife

He is known for the shy Blaugrana legend especially when he was young, but his current wife is said to have loved him since his childhood, and he also used to visit the Scalia family home regularly for a chance to see her.

She attended university in Argentina to study dentistry before switching to socializing, then moved to Barcelona to join Flea, launching her own line of shoes with Sofia Balbi, Luis Suarez’s wife.

According to Infobae, Antonella’s relationship with the Blaugrana legend became stronger after he returned to Rosario after the death of his friend in a traffic accident, it is said that it was in 2007, but their relationship was kept secret for years.

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Overall, Antonella has continued to stay out of the spotlight even though she has amassed over four million followers on Instagram.

Antonella is 32 years old and is a close friend of Suarez’s wife Sofia and girlfriend of Cesc Fabregas Daniela Semaan.

Messi give up part of his salary!
A Spanish press report revealed the fact that the Argentine star gave up part of his salary, to renew his contract with Barcelona.

Al-Barghout’s contract with Barcelona expired last June, and reports claimed that Al-Barghout had reached an agreement with the Catalan club to renew his contract for 5 years with a 50% salary cut.

According to the Spanish “El Chiringuito” program, Messi did not reduce his salary, as he agreed to receive an annual salary of 150 million euros for playing with Barcelona for two seasons.

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The Spanish program indicated that the flea will continue with Barcelona next season permanently, especially after his father said “no” to all the offers made by Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

Spanish reports claimed that City and Saint-Germain officials contacted the father of the Barcelona star to sign the player for free this summer, after his renewal with Barcelona faltered due to the Financial Fair Play Law.

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