Microsoft founder “Gates” supports his daughter-in-law, Egyptian knight “Nayel Nassar” in the Tokyo Olympics | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The founder of Microsoft Corporation, the American billionaire “Bill Gates”, supported the Egyptian equestrian Nayel Nassar, his son-in-law, during his participation in the Olympic Games “Tokyo 2021” held in Japan.

American Gates and Nile Nassar

American billionaire Bill Gates tweeted through his personal account on the Instagram platform, saying: “I encourage many athletes in the Tokyo Olympics at the present time, but there is no athlete I encourage more than my son-in-law, Nayel Nassar, good luck Nile.”

Egyptian knight Nile Nassar

The Egyptian Nile Nassar will start the individual equestrian competitions in the “Tokyo 2021” Olympic Games, next Tuesday, the third of August this month, as well as his participation in the team competitions next Friday, the fifth of the same month.

And about the relationship of Egyptian jockey Nile Nassar with Jennifer Catherine, the daughter of American billionaire Bill Gates, the relationship between them began in January 2017, and the two share many identities, the most important of which are equestrian racing, as well as they are both graduates of Stanford University in the United States.

Egyptian origins

Knight Nassar descends from an Egyptian Muslim family who lived in the State of Kuwait, then moved to the United States of America and settled in the American city of Chicago. The Egyptian Nassar is fluent in French and English in addition to Arabic.

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The American newspaper, The People, said that the jockey, Nile Nassar, was born in the US state of Chicago in 1991, and grew up in Kuwait after his parents decided to settle there in the nineties.

The newspaper indicated that he began practicing equestrianism at the age of five, and his great passion for riding horses and jumping barriers at the age of ten.

His story with the daughter of the American billionaire Gates made headlines in 2017, following the photos he shared on social media together and visiting tourist sites around the world, including the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

financial wealth

In a report published by the BBC’s London website, quoting a number of American newspapers, the value of the Egyptian Nile Nassar’s fortune is about $75 million, which is the result of his partnership with the CWD Foundation, which specializes in the equestrian field, and owns many stables that include the most prestigious breeds. horses in the world.

It is noteworthy that the jockey, Nayel Nassar, won the gold medal in the Grand Prix equestrian competition in Switzerland, and took the gold from the best horse riders in the world last June.

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