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Middle East Eye: Jordanian-Israeli relations have reached a very bad level | A nation is singing out of tune


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Site confirmed “Middle East Eye“Relationships are severely tense between King Abdullah II of Jordan and the Israeli Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu.

Lines of communication are at their lowest

The website said that the lines of communication between the Jordanian king and Netanyahu are at their lowest levels, indicating that the Israeli-Jordanian relations reached a further deterioration last week.

According to the site, this was after Netanyahu canceled approval of the Providing Jordan with water As stipulated in the 1994 Wadi Araba Peace Agreement.

The site stressed that Netanyahu’s decision to stop the transfer of water is part of the mutual dispute between Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom that has been going on since March. Following the cancellation of the visit of the Jordanian Crown Prince, Prince Hussein bin Abdullah, to occupied Jerusalem on the tenth of last March.

The website indicated that Jordan subsequently responded by preventing Netanyahu’s plane from using Jordanian airspace to visit the UAE.

He continued: “Netanyahu was looking forward to a photo opportunity with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, hoping to boost his chance amid a fierce election campaign. Although Oman gave Netanyahu permission to fly through its airspace after several hours. However, he decided not to travel to the United Arab Emirates. ”

Netanyahu is a thorn in the throat of King Abdullah II of Jordan

He pointed to the Israeli media’s description of Netanyahu as a thorn in King Abdullah II’s throat, despite the recent tension between two leaders in a tense region.

However, they also reflect two different approaches to security and politics in the Middle East, analysts say.

The website quoted Muhammad al-Momani, a Jordanian senator and former minister, as saying that any Israeli prime minister other than Netanyahu would be better for Jordan.

Momani indicated that Netanyahu has no credibility in decision-making circles in Jordan, and lines of communication with him have been cut.

He added, “It is seen as an opportunist who will do anything to survive politically, even if this causes a crisis and harms bilateral relations with Jordan.”

The king does not trust Netanyahu

For his part, former Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister Mamdouh Al-Abadi told the same website that King Abdullah does not trust Netanyahu and is afraid of him.

And he added, “Netanyahu is an extreme right-wing who does not believe in a two-state solution or the peace process, and has an expansionist view towards Jordan.”

He continued, “He hit a brick wall with Jordan because of his refusal to join the Deal of the Century announced by former US President Donald Trump.”

“Greater Israel”

Some of Netanyahu’s allies, such as the Alliance of Religious Zionism, support the idea of ​​Greater Israel and complete control of the eastern mountains in the Jordan Valley. Which they believe is part of the two Torah kingdoms, the “Palestinian West”.

The site pointed out that “religious Zionism is the key to Netanyahu’s attempts to form a government after the general elections that were held last month.”

According to Israeli analyst Meron Rapoport, Israel’s decision to prevent the Jordanian crown prince from visiting the Al-Aqsa Mosque was Netanyahu’s reference to his far-right bloc. That his future government will impose Israeli sovereignty over the entire Temple Mount.

Previous disagreements

However, the site said that Netanyahu’s confrontation with Jordan dates back to the era of the father of the current king Hussein. When Mossad agents ordered. By assassinating the head of the political bureau of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, in Amman in 1997. He accepted American pressure and sent an antidote to the poison used against Mishaal.

In 2017, an Israeli security guard at the Israeli embassy in Amman killed two Jordanian citizens. The guard was released in a secret deal.

The site added, “But Netanyahu welcomed his return to Israel as a” national hero, “which was considered an insult to King Abdullah in Jordan.

He continued: “On several occasions, Netanyahu breached the promises he made to the king, such as preventing Jewish settlers from entering Al-Aqsa. And the delivery of surveillance camera footage of the killing of the Jordanian judge Raed Zuaiter in 2014. ”

The website stressed that Netanyahu’s failure to fulfill his promise has created a complete lack of trust between the two parties.

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