Minister of Electricity: We are working on a number of axes to diversify energy sources


Dr. Mohamed Shaker, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, affirmed that Egypt is working on a number of axes in order to expand and diversify energy sources to meet its needs, follow operational standards, diversify the energy mix and encourage the private sector to participate in such projects.

The ministry stated, in its statement today, Wednesday, that this came during the minister’s meeting with Nigel Topping, “the high-level British climate action champion”, during his first visit to Egypt, to discuss the most prominent issues related to climate change, in preparation for the United Kingdom’s hosting of the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. (COP26) to be held in Scotland next November.

Egypt’s preparations to host the COP27 conference for next year were reviewed, and the Egyptian experience and the measures taken by the Egyptian electricity sector in the field of emissions reduction were reviewed. The minister presented the achievements that the electricity and renewable energy sector had succeeded in achieving, stressing the sector’s interest in spreading the uses of renewable energies and reducing carbon emissions.

He pointed to Egypt’s clear richness in renewable energy sources, especially wind and solar energy, which qualifies it to be one of the largest producers of renewable energy. More than 7,650 square kilometers of unused land have been allocated for new and renewable energy projects.

The Minister of Electricity added that it was planned that the share of renewable energies from the maximum load would reach 20% by the end of 2022, but by the end of this year, the capacities would reach about 6378 megawatts, and the current capacities are about 5878 megawatts.

He pointed out that it is planned that the share of renewable energies will reach more than 42% by 2035, and the necessary studies are currently being conducted to increase this percentage.

He added that the sector has taken a number of important measures to take advantage of the huge potential of renewable energy in accordance with a number of mechanisms to encourage the participation of the private sector, and as a result of the previous measures, the private sector has gained great confidence in the Egyptian electricity and renewable energy sector, as a large number of investors from the foreign and local private sectors have applied to enter In sector projects, especially new and renewable energy projects.

The Minister of Electricity indicated that there are more than 32 solar energy projects from photovoltaic cells in the Benban Solar Energy Complex, with a total capacity of about 1,465 megawatts, and there is cooperation with international companies to start discussions and studies to implement pilot projects to produce green hydrogen in Egypt as a first step towards expansion in This field is up to the possibility of export.

Shaker stressed that green hydrogen is also receiving great attention as a promising source of energy in the near future, as a ministerial committee is currently working at the national level to study hydrogen as a source of energy in the near future in Egypt and research all possible alternatives for the generation and use of hydrogen, taking into account international experiences in this The area where the Energy Strategy 2035 will be updated to include green hydrogen as an energy source.

He also stressed the interest that the Egyptian government attaches to maximizing the use of renewable energies in water desalination, as a strategic plan for desalination from renewable energy sources was prepared in cooperation between the Ministry of Housing and the Ministry of Water Resources, where the required land was identified with a 5-year plan starting from 2020- 2050 with the aim of producing about 3 million m3 / day.

For his part, Topping praised the great experiences that the Egyptian electricity and renewable energy sector possesses in all fields, and also praised the reforms that Egypt in general succeeded in achieving, and the achievements that the Egyptian electricity sector succeeded in achieving during the past few years.

The British Climate Action Champion also praised all the efforts made by the sector, and that what Egypt has achieved in the field of combating climate change has become a leading country in the region, which encourages the transfer of those experiences to other countries in the region. He also stressed the importance of continuing cooperation and exchanging visions during the coming period and a decade ago. COP 26 Conference In pursuit of the desired goals of the conference.

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The article, Minister of Electricity: We are working on a number of axes to diversify energy sources, which was written in Al Borsa newspaper.