Minister of Health: Providing 60.5 million doses of 6 anti-Coronavirus vaccines


The agreement between “Sinovac” and “Vaccera” to increase supplies of raw materials for the year 2023 to manufacture 250 million doses

Vaccinating 3.3 million individuals in the state administrative apparatus and 2.2 million in higher education and pre-university education, public and Azhar

Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, said that about 60.5 million doses of the “AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Sinopharma, Sputnik, Johnson and Pfizer” anti-Coronavirus vaccines have been provided.

Zayed added, during the government meeting today, that the Holding Company for Biological Products and Vaccines agreed with the Chinese company “Sinovac” to increase the supplies of raw material for 2023 in the required quantity, which is sufficient to manufacture 250 million doses in “Vaccera” factories.

She explained that it was agreed to open the export list for “Vaccera” with agreement on the price policy, in addition to agreeing to start the procedures for transferring manufacturing technology and the travel of the first team from “Vaccera” to spend a month in the factory, and sending a similar technical delegation from “Sinovac” to train Egyptian cadres on Technical steps to disseminate technology.

She said that the Ministry of Health will start a serious negotiating stage in which the details of a twinning procedure between “Sinovac” and “Vaxera” in the production of additional vaccines other than “Corona” will be discussed, and sending a delegation within two weeks to inspect the October 6 site, and suggesting a study to hand over one of the buildings to the “Sinovac” company to build An integrated manufacturing area to manufacture vaccines with marketing opportunities in Africa and the Middle East.

Zayed added that there is a plan to expand the centers to receive vaccines to include all hospitals affiliated with the Ministry of Health and Population so that their number will reach 2002 centers, with measures taken to limit the admission of patients to hospitals or any body affiliated with the Ministry of Health without showing evidence of receiving the vaccine or directing to receive the vaccine. And setting up a mechanism to urge parents to receive the vaccine in order to preserve the health of children, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education.

The Minister of Health indicated that the total doses provided to citizens amounted to 23.4 million doses, distributed over 15.1 million for the first dose, and 8.3 million for the second dose.

She pointed out that the number of Prime Time Zone who received the vaccination from the state’s administrative apparatus as of August 22, so far, has reached about 3.3 million Prime Time Zone, and 1.2 million Prime Time Zone belonging to the higher education system have been vaccinated, and about one million Prime Time Zone belonging to the public and Azhar pre-university education system, in The framework of the state’s plan to expand vaccination for these target groups to maintain the educational process in all its stages, explaining that the remaining registered number of Prime Time Zone receiving the vaccine is currently about 1.2 million, and work is underway to complete it within a week.

The Minister touched on the results of a French study, the largest of its kind so far, which was conducted on 22.6 million Prime Time Zone over the age of fifty, to indicate that vaccination reduces the risk of death or hospitalization as a result of the Corona virus by 90%, as the study showed that vaccines of any kind reduced the risk of death or hospitalization as a result of the Corona virus. It reduced the risk of serious symptoms and death, and also contributed a lot to preventing the worst effects of the most widespread virus strain, the “Delta”.

The Minister also touched on the British government’s recent decision to approve vaccine certificates against the Corona virus for travelers from Egypt to the United Kingdom, according to controls that included receiving two doses of AstraZeneca, Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, and one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and that 14 days have passed since receiving on the final dose.

She said that the procedures included emphasizing that arrivals from Egypt are treated as residents of the United Kingdom who have been fully vaccinated, provided they do not visit one of the countries on the red list for travel, and also included the need to adhere to a PCR test during or before the second day to arrive through the official website. The British government and at its expense, as for those arriving from Egypt without certificates to receive the vaccine, they will have to commit to self-isolation for 10 days after arrival, with 3 PCR tests performed, the first within 72 hours before arrival, and the second and third during the second and eighth days of arrival.

The article, Minister of Health: Providing 60.5 million doses of 6 anti-Coronavirus vaccines, was written in Al Borsa newspaper.