“Minya”: the transfer of the vegetable and fruit market with investments of 70 million pounds


The Minya Chamber of Commerce intends to move the vegetable and fruit market in the Habashi area at present, and to limit the traders to it, in preparation for transferring them to the endowment market in the south of the governorate, with investments amounting to 70 million pounds.

Wael Qotb, Vice President of the Minya Chamber of Commerce, said that he is completely exclusive to the fruit and vegetable dealers in the wholesale market in the Habashi region, and their needs of the required stores and spaces, in preparation for the start of the transfer procedures from the wholesale market in the Habashi region to the newly established wholesale market of the Endowments Authority, south of Minya.

Qutb indicated that the chamber will develop the endowment authority market, which could provide at least 400 commercial units in principle.

He explained that the chamber seeks to complete the development by the end of next June, and the start of the move next July, and the investment cost of the development will be borne by the chamber, which reaches 70 million pounds.

He confirmed that the chamber would allow the shops to be transferred to the market through three systems, the first being rent, the second ownership, and the third the usufruct.

He added that the rental price of the shop in the new market ranges between 1000 and 1500 pounds per month, while the average price of one shop is 150 thousand pounds for ownership, and the right to usufruct according to the period that can reach 15 years.

He continued: Moving the old market to the new area is a civilizational shift, and it will contribute greatly to the development and development of trade in the fruit and vegetable sector.

It was reported that the market is planned to include more than 400 shops, shades and refrigerators to keep fruits and vegetables.

The market is also equipped with entry and exit gates, school scales, and headquarters for bank branches, a security office, a health office, a supply investigation, a utility police, a supply directorate, an ambulance, a police station, and a firefighter.

The article «Minya»: The transfer of the vegetable and fruit market with investments of 70 million pounds was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.