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The Egyptian artist, Mirna Nour El-Din, caused a sensation with her last appearance, amid accusations of cloning the form of her colleague, artist Yasmine Sabry.

Better in black

Mirna Noureddine published her photos through her official account on (Instagram), and she appeared in a sleeveless black evening dress, with a side slit.

Mirna left her black hair hanging over her shoulder, and completed her look with soft jewelry, and looked like Yasmine Sabry.

Mirna commented on the photo, saying: (It’s always better in black).

(Created by Yasmine Sabry)

Which caused an uproar after the audience noticed the matter, so the comments came as follows: (Its idea was Yasmine Sabry, Chloe, it was almost like it).

Another commented: (Egypt’s artists are only concerned with Yasmine Sabry, they followed her on the stash).

Another expressed her shock, saying: (I mean, is this not Yasmine Sabry?!).

A follower gave her a new name, and wrote sarcastically: (Mirna Yasmine Sabry).

While another defended Mirna, saying: (Mirna and Yasmine Sabry are similar to each other, and the two are of natural beauty, meaning no one has done anything to keep his second likeness.

Who is Mirna Noureddine?

It is noteworthy that Mirna Nour El-Din was born on April 23, 1990, and spent her childhood in America and studied there, and then moved to Egypt and graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of English.

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Mirna presented her first role in 2015, during the character (Neven), which she presented in the series (Free Fall) by the Egyptian star Nelly Karim.

Then Mirna participated in a group of the most famous TV shows such as (Free Fall, The Family of Al-Jaj Noaman, My Nassib and Your Division Above the Clouds, The Black Horse, Handwriting, Covid 25).

Among her most prominent works is the character (Noor), which she presented in the fourth part of the series (Hekayat Banat), and it was a great success and acceptance by the audience.

Mirna had one cinematic experience through her participation in the movie (Petra, Gate of Time), directed by Othman Abu Laban and written by Mai Mishal, and all its events take place in Jordan.

In another context, Yasmine Sabry recently shared with her followers a picture of her wearing her sportswear, accompanied by her personal trainer.

And Yasmine Sabry published the photo through her official account on (Instagram), and she appeared in it with a black (legging) and a long black T-shirt, and she was barefoot, and embraced her coach, Farida Abu Al-Dahab.

Yasmine commented on the photo: (It is always good to practice with you).

Yasmine revealed her return to the art scene again through the series (Dream Layal), which will be shown in the next Ramadan season.

And local media reported that the Egyptian actress settled on the series “Dream Layal” produced by Synergy Company, and written by scriptwriter Mohamed Abdel Moaty, to return to the TV drama in Ramadan 2022.

Yasmine is working on reading the drama and the first episodes that have been written, before settling on the director’s work over the next few days.

Yasmine Sabry’s account verification

And Yasmine Sabry recently created a special account on the social networking site (Facebook) documented in her name, to put an end to the accounts spread in her name, and put her in embarrassing situations by publishing false statements on her tongue.

And Yasmine published, via the (Instagram) feature, a picture in which she announced her account and wrote: ((My new account on Facebook).

The artist closed all the fake accounts that bear her name and thanked the company that helped her in this, writing: (Thank you, the hashtag company, for letting me close all the fake pages on Facebook).

Yasmine Sabry in Venice

A few days ago, Yasmine shared her audience with her appearance on the first day of the Venice International Film Festival.

Yasmine Sabry appeared in the pictures that she published through her official account on (Instagram), in a long sleeveless fuchsia dress, with a light chest, and she chose and left her hair hanging on her shoulders.

What was remarkable was the distinctive diamond necklace that adorned Jasmine’s neck, which drew attention through it, and completed her look with distinctive silver shoes.

Jasmine’s dress price in Venice

Yasmine appeared the next day in a similar dress in orange, and left her hair loose on her shoulders, and coordinated it with an elegant necklace and earrings from (Cartier).

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Those interested in Yasmine Sabry’s fashion circulated, the price of the dress, which amounted to 4950 euros (about 5858 US dollars), is from Dolce & Gabbana Fashion House, which shocked them due to its high price.

Yasmine commented on her appearance by saying: (I was honored and pleased to represent Cartier International Jewelery at the Venice International Film Festival… I am happy with all the comments I received about the necklace I wore at the festival, which by the way is not for sale).

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