“Misr El Kheir” develops 350 classes for private nurseries so far


Sadiq: We do not set a fixed budget for financing, and we adhere to precautionary measures

Misr El Kheir Foundation has managed to develop and rehabilitate 350 private nursery classes so far, and work is underway to rehabilitate another 100 classrooms in the governorates of Assiut and Dakahlia within the National Early Childhood Project.

Alaa Sadiq, Director of the National Program for Early Childhood Development in Misr El Kheir, said that the Foundation is working on this project on two axes. The first is a cooperation protocol signed with the Ministry of General Social Solidarity during June 2020 to develop 200 nursery classes.

It aims to develop 2,000 nursery classes to benefit nearly 50,000 children, in different governorates.

He pointed out that the Foundation has managed to develop and rehabilitate about 350 chapters so far in Luxor, Qena, Minya, Suez, Ismailia, North Sinai, New Valley and Matrouh. 100 nurseries are currently being developed in Assiut and Dakahlia, with 95% funding from the National Early Childhood Development Project and the state’s public treasury, and the Misr El Kheir Foundation contributes 5% of the total cost.

Sadiq said that the second axis is the development of 12 other nurseries through a number of Misr El Kheir partners, in the villages of the presidential initiative, a decent life.

He explained that “Misr El Kheir” does not set a fixed budget for financing nurseries, because this is based on donations and according to need and the vision of the financier of the project.

He added that the Foundation coordinates continuously with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, and works to monitor the needs of nurseries before developing them.

Among the criteria for selecting a nursery for development, it is that it is licensed and the civil society that supervises the nursery is notified and that it does not have any financial violations and does not have any specific political or religious orientations.

Sadeq pointed out that the institution is working to provide all the needs of the institution from engineering development and the needs and requirements of the educational stage.

He added that the Foundation provides training for nearly 368 facilitators on how to deal with children, and also contributes to providing those in charge of the educational system.

During the first phase of the Corona virus crisis, all the nurseries of the Misr El Kheir Foundation adhered to the closure decision issued by the Minister of Social Solidarity.

After reopening nurseries and resuming work, all precautionary measures were adhered to, and 25% of students are alternately present to combat the virus.

The project to develop and rehabilitate nurseries is implemented at a rate of 50-70% in the villages of the Presidential Initiative for a decent life, and there is a great need to increase the number of nurseries in Egypt to reach the target of the National Program for Childhood.

The article “Misr El Kheir” has developed 350 chapters for private nurseries so far, it was written in Al Borsa newspaper.