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The Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, revealed a close cooperation between him and a beautiful Indian actress, without explaining any further details.

Muhammad Ramadan: “Wait for the bomb”

Ramadan published a picture of him with Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautella, sitting on the front of a luxurious blue car, while the Indian actress puts her hand on Ramadan’s shoulder.

The Egyptian artist commented on the photo by saying: (Wait for the bomb).

In turn, Orvashi published a set of photos through her account on (Instagram) from the same photo session with Ramadan, commenting: (We are attending the international concert together).

It is not the first time that Ramadan cooperates with Urvashi, as she appeared as a model with him in his song (Versace) months ago.

Urvashi Rautella

Urvashi is an Indian actress and model who won the title of Miss India in 2015, and represented her country in the Miss Universe contest, and won the title of Miss Female Singers in the same year.

Urvashi first appeared in Bollywood with Singh Saab The Great (2013) and appeared in several films after that, and she had previously expressed her love for Bollywood star Salman Khan and expressed her desire to be associated with him.

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Salman had previously stated his admiration for the beauty of Urvashi, saying that she has beautiful, elegant features and balanced femininity.

Orfashi also published a picture a few months ago that she collected with Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred, through her account on (Instagram), attached to it with a heart emoji, and commented: (I love you), after meeting them in Dubai while he was there to revive the concert that he collected with Mohamed Ramadan.

In another context, Muhammad Ramadan caused a wave of anger against the Kuwaiti artist, Shawq Al-Hadi, after she appeared in a video while she was dancing with him.

Shawq Al-Hadi appeared in a video circulating, wearing a black dress, topless with sleeves, and dancing with Muhammad Ramadan, who embraced and touched her in a way that provoked anger.

Belqis and Muhammad Ramadan dance

And the artist, Belqis Fathi, who is of Yemeni origin and resides in the UAE, has already sparked widespread controversy, just weeks ago, after she published a dance video with Muhammad Ramadan also while she was on the northern coast of Egypt.

And Belqis appeared dancing with Ramadan to the tunes of his song “Thabit”.

Muhammad Ramadan provokes the Lebanese again

And Muhammad Ramadan had sparked widespread anger among the Lebanese, because of a photo he posted on his Instagram account, above the ruins of the destroyed port of Beirut, which was subjected to a large explosion on August 4, 2020, which left hundreds dead and thousands wounded.

The scathing comments poured out on Muhammad Ramadan, amid calls to publish his photos and promote his artworks away from the ruins of the city of Beirut, which has not yet risen.

Amr Adeeb: (May God guide him)

And the Egyptian media, Amr Adib, attacked Muhammad Ramadan because of this, saying: (Professor, the artist, Muhammad Ramadan, worked yesterday and the first yesterday was a painful thing for the Lebanese and aroused their resentment).

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And Adib continued, during his presentation of his program (The Story) on MBC Egypt: (Mohamed Ramadan, I will imagine in the port of Beirut, which is the port because of which life ended in Lebanon, which caused the excitement of the Lebanese, and took a photo session and installed a song of his own, as if this site It is suitable as a place for photography.

Adeeb apologized to all the Lebanese Prime Time Zone and said: (I apologize to the Lebanese for what he did, why is he doing this, and he thinks that the world is closed, as if no one will know or hear, and that no one will say something.. God guides him).

(I don’t hear dogs barking)

For his part, Muhammad Ramadan posted on his personal pages on “Facebook” and “Instagram”, a video clip showing him half-naked while escorting a tiger.

Ramadan used the song (On God), which he recently released, and commented on the video clip, saying: (Above the clouds, I do not hear dogs barking..trust in God..continuous success).

(neither win nor win)

A few days before that, Amr Adib mocked Muhammad Ramadan, after the doctorate crisis he was exposed to in Lebanon before the crisis of the photo session in the port.

Amr Adeeb gloats about Muhammad Ramadan after "PhD scandal"

In an indirect way, Amr Adeeb wrote through his official account on (Twitter): (He will neither win nor win, and he will prefer the guilt of the man and his family in his neck for the whole life.”

And the Egyptian journalist continued: (Your Lord will not hold him for a whole year, neither a series that succeeded nor a clip that popped, it all failed in failure and a lie in a lie, and any lie turns into a big scandal in a very few hours .. Glory be to the one who does not neglect nor sleep).

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