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Model Rose Saudi ex-husband threatens her for a dog! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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Saudi businessman Mohammed Al-Hamoud, the former husband of the Saudi model, Model Rose, revealed that the latter is involved in several major cases in New York.

Shocking issues!

The ex-husband of Model Rose appeared in a video on “Snapchat”, followed by “Watan”, in which he said: “I received several inquiries about the case between my ex-wife and one of the characters in New York, and that I will intervene and solve the matter.”

And Muhammad Al-Hamoud continued: “I will not intervene, and it will not require intervention from me, because this character in New York accuses Model Rose of prostitution, money laundering, falsification of her residence, evasion of paying the tax, and creating fake accounts until she attacks her.”

Model Rose’s husband also vowed to take their dog, “Mia,” and publish her photo with the comment: “I know I’ll take you someday.”

Angry tweeters

Muhammad Al-Hamoud’s behavior raised a shock among the activists, who saw that he exaggerated his speech and that he should leave her alone as long as he did not return his wife.

And one of the comments read: “If you are not ashamed, then do what you want to see. He speaks in front of all of the Prime Time Zone and exposes his wife and says with all rudeness, my ex-wife flattened and did rudeness in the clearest form.”

And another wrote: “It is all about the symptoms of others. They continue to lean towards my Lord.”

Another accused him of trying to draw attention to him only, and wrote: “This is sick and at the same time shameless, a yebbi, famous for Rose, but a disobedient.”

Model of the Day of Infallibility and Mujtahid

Muhammad Al-Hammoud appeared a few days ago and tried to answer the followers’ questions about Model Rose, their relationship, and the reason for his speech at this time.

Muhammad Al-Hamoud said: “The model Rose is a Saudi woman, a father from a grandfather, and it is not naturalized, as some say, and they closed the matter and learned from this biography.”

Regarding the reason for leaving now and talking about himself or his wife, Model Rose, Al-Hammoud said: “I appeared in November and spoke to a magazine about my work and my identity.

Regarding the reason for his presence in the scenes for eight years, Model Rose’s husband confirmed that he was trying to achieve her dream, and it would have been better for her to appear alone as self-made and diligent.

He continued: “This matter supports her brand, and I used to look at the matter from a commercial point of view, so this idea was better for her and her fame.”

Muhammad Al-Hamoud had previously revealed shocking information about his wife Rose, after he helped her to become a model. But she met it with treason and trying to steal it.

Al-Hammoud revealed in a series of posts on “Snapchat”, that while he was with Rose in Los Angeles. Contact a number of international magazines and brands to put them at the beginning of the road and help them in this field.

Muhammad Al-Hammoud indicated that he and Rose were preparing to announce their marriage at the end of 2020 and that he had arranged an interview for her with. Emirati media, Mahira Abdulaziz, last Ramadan.

But his life was turned upside down, after Moodle Rose attended a party with her friends in February 2020, and she got acquainted. On a person named Nicholas.

Gay and cocaine addict

Model Rose’s husband said: “Since I got to know Rose, she is nervous and distracted, and I tried to communicate with her and we visited together with a specialist. Concerning marital matters, but it continued to make me feel that she could not bear me, and I said maybe Corona and the stone is the reason.

Al-Hammoud revealed more about the character of Nicholas, who caused his separation from Model Rose, and said: “He is a young man from a poor country. He is 40 years old and is married to a 50-year-old American woman in order to obtain citizenship. He works in a bar, is addicted to cocaine, is also bisexual, and is known to be an abusive and abusive person.

Al-Hammoud confirmed that Rose had started stealing his money in order to polish Nicholas’ name, which prompted him to start divorce procedures immediately.

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