Model Rose’s husband exposes her: After a fun wedding party … she asked me about this on our honeymoon! | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Saudi businessman, Muhammad Al-Hamoud, shocked the followers of the Saudi model, Model Rose, after he talked about their marriage and the reasons for their disagreement.

You asked me this matter on the honeymoon!

Muhammad Al-Hamoud, who identified himself as the husband of Model Rose, wrote through his account on “Snapchat”: “After a beautiful and enjoyable wedding party, we traveled for the honeymoon. While we were traveling, Rose asked me to continue her studies in America, and also in order to fulfill her ambition to become a model.

Al-Hammoud added, “This request was difficult for me because of my job and my business in Saudi Arabia. I told her at the time to give me time to think and decide.”

He added: “After a period of our return from the honeymoon, I decided to do a photo session in Riyadh for Rose, so that I know what things she will need in this field, and from here I surprised her with two tickets for me and her to Chicago. ? ”

I did not want to comment because of my mother

Al-Hammoud indicated that he told Moodle Rose that he quit his job, and that the rest of the things are at her disposal, adding: “There is an important point. Even Saudi Arabia ”.

And he continued: “This idea I took from my mother because of the death of my father when I was young, and in summary, I was creating a future for her and our children as well.”

He added: “Rose asked me to announce our marriage and I refused because of my new workplace in America and because we have not settled yet, and this is why I was not on the scene. I was only behind the scenes and supported her with everything I had.”

A young foreigner caused a quarrel between Rose and her husband

Model Rose’s husband revealed that the reason for her change with him after marriage is that she knows her to a foreign young man, and said: “I started to change after I got acquainted with a foreign young man named Nicola, and I tried to talk to her in order to fix the situation between us, without getting any significant result.

Model Rose’s husband confirmed that the young man named Nicola tried to harm him, indicating that a case had been filed against him in order to remove him from his place of residence and from his work under the supervision of Rose.

Model Rose’s husband said he was uncomfortable not hurting anyone.

The identity of Model Rose’s husband

The identity and photo of Model Rose’s husband was revealed through an account for following celebrity news.

According to the “Celebs Arabic” account on Twitter at the time, he confirmed that the model’s husband, Model Rose, was the Saudi businessman, “Muhammad Al Hammoud.”

هو محمد آل حمود زوج مودل روز Model Rose's husband exposes her: After a fun wedding party ... she asked me about this on our honeymoon! | A nation is tweeting out of tune

The account stated that “Al Hammoud” is considered one of the largest business agents in America.

The account indicated that “Al Hammoud” married Rose in 2013, and later fulfilled her dream of becoming a model.

Model Rose ignores and continues to strip!

Model Rose continues to remain silent until now, ignoring the trend because of what her husband said, by constantly posting bold pictures through “Instagram”.

Rose published a picture through her official account on “Instagram”, during which it appeared in the bathroom of her home, revealing her stomach and chest. Commenting: “If our eyes saw the soul instead of the body, how different the idea of ​​beauty would be.”

Rose’s photo renewed the Saudis’ attack on her, asking her not to mention the kingdom in her definition of herself. And they saw her gradually getting naked, especially after her recent photos.

And the Saudi model, Model Rose, always provokes the anger of the viewers by crossing the red lines, with scandalous scenes during which she deliberately wears bold clothes.

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