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The famous Italian journalist revealedFabrizio RomanoThe specialist in the transfers of football stars and the Italian “Sky Sport” network.

The management of the Liverpool team has entered into serious negotiations with the Egyptian international star Mohamed Salah, the top scorer of the English “Reds” team, regarding the renewal of his contract, in light of speculation about the player’s fate.

Romano andMohamed Salah

And the Italian journalist “Romano” stated in his tweet to him through his personal account on the social networking sites “Twitter”, saying: “The issue of renewing Mohamed Salah’s contract has not been taken seriously by the Liverpool team and the Egyptian Mohamed Salah about renewing his contract until this moment.”

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Romano added, “The contract talks between the English club and Salah are not in the final stages yet, and Liverpool and Salah have spoken, but no progress or progress has been made so far.”

And he pointed out that the Liverpool team has not yet reached the Egyptian star Mohamed Salah about renewing his contract with the team.

Paris Saint-Germain and Mohamed Salah

French press reports indicated that the French Paris Saint-Germain administration is monitoring the fate of the negotiations between the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah and his club, Liverpool, regarding his fate, and in the event that negotiations falter between the two sides, the Paris club seeks to enter into negotiations with the player and contract with him.

And those reports indicated that Paris Saint-Germain wants to sign the Egyptian star with the top scorer of the Liverpool team “The Reds” as an alternative to the French star Kilian Mbappe, who wants to leave the Parisian team during the current summer transfer season.

The marketing value of the Egyptian star Salah exceeds $ 100 million in order to sign the player after the remarkable brilliance with the Liverpool team.

Contract with Liverpool

The Egyptian star Mohamed Salah’s contract with Liverpool expires at the end of the next summer season of 2023, and no agreement has been reached between the English club and the Egyptian international on renewing his contract until this moment.

Salah joined the Liverpool team during the summer of 2017, coming from the Italian team Roma, in a deal worth 42 million dollars.

The player has participated with the club in 203 matches in all competitions since joining, in which he scored 125 goals and made 47 assists.

Al-Masry Salah was ranked second in the English Premier League standings with 22 goals, behind English star Harry Kane, who was crowned the league’s top scorer with a single goal difference with 23 goals from last season.

Back to training

Liverpool continued its preparations for the second day in a row, with hard training in the team’s camp, which was held in Austria, with the participation of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, as part of the team’s strong return to the podiums during the next season at the local and international levels.

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