Mohamed Salah mocks his colleague Coca after outperforming him in the game of “chess” | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah, the star of the Liverpool team, published a video, mocking his teammate, Ahmed Hassan, known as “Koka”, the striker in the Greek Olympiacos team, after beating him in the game of chess.

Salah spends his summer vacation in Egypt, and participates with his followers every time by publishing a number of photos taken with a number of Egyptian football stars.

Mohamed Salah and the Tokyo Olympics

The Egyptian striker, Mohamed Salah, 28, has agreed to participate with his country in the Tokyo Olympics, scheduled for the 23rd of July until the 8th of next August, but the Liverpool team has not decided its final position on the player’s participation.

The Egyptian team participating in the Tokyo Olympics will play in a strong group alongside Spain, Argentina and Australia

Mohamed Salah and the award for the best goal

Last Tuesday, the English Football League announced the nomination of Egyptian Salah for a number of awards during the league competitions last week.

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The Egyptian player, Mohamed Salah, topped the award for the best player of the season, as well as the most beautiful goal he scored, as the goal in which Salah appeared with his goal against West Ham United was chosen in January of this year in the English Premier League.

Mohamed Salah managed to receive a long ball, and the player put it in a wonderful way in the net of his opponent West Ham.

Mohamed Salah’s competitors

A number of stars are competing in that award, most notably the Leicester City midfielder, James Madison, who scored a superb goal against Manchester City.

As well as West Ham United striker Manuel Lanzini against Tottenham, and Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes against Liverpool.

In addition to the presence of West Ham United midfielder Jesse Lingard against Wolverhampton, and Edinson Cavani of Manchester United against Fulham, the candidates for this award.

Mohamed Salah managed to score 22 years with the Liverpool team “Reds” during the last season in the English Premier League, and took the second place behind the crowned player, Harry Kane, with 23 goals with the English team Tottenham.

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