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Mohammed bin Salman spent more than a billion dollars on wild parties with 150 Brazilian and Russian models | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A report published by the site revealed “The Africa Report“A scandal for Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. A surprise about the wild parties that the young prince was hosting between 2015 and 2017 in the Maldives.

Bin Salman is fond of extravagance and extravagance

The six-part report showed that bin Salman spent $ 1.18 billion on a group of prestigious purchases. Pointing out that the Saudi crown prince is fond of extravagance.

The author of the report, Jihad Gilon, explained that the first half of 2015 was an exciting period for Mohammed bin Salman, after the death of King Abdullah. After Salman, the father of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, became the king. He thus granted his son unrestricted access to the royal money.

The writer pointed out that Bin Salman had devised at that time a strategy to discredit his cousin, Muhammad bin Nayef, who was appointed Crown Prince in April 2015. In March, he launched a war in Yemen, in the first large-scale operation of the Saudi army outside the borders.

The heat of Riyadh and the Maldives

According to the report, it is far from the plots and plans, and the stifling heat of July in Riyadh. Bin Salman decided it was finally time to take a break.

The report indicated that Mohammed bin Salman was planning to spend an enjoyable holiday, away from prying eyes.

The report added: “Bin Salman ruled out the idea of ​​going to the usual regions such as Paris, the French Riviera and Marbella. And other typical vacation spots for the royal family ”.

Full resort and 50 floating villas

And the writer indicated that bin Salman finally chose to go to the Maldives, where he booked an entire resort that was like a paradise floating over the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to the resort, Bin Salman has booked 50 villas floating above the magnificent coral reefs, housekeepers and pools.

According to the report, there was a small group of dozens of lucky friends as guests with bin Salman. To enjoy resort amenities.

The resort also had a nightclub with cellars stocked with the best French wines and a restaurant overlooking the water. Where guests can enjoy sea turtles, according to the report.

150 Brazilian and Russian models

The website added: “Before the arrival of bin Salman and his guests, nearly 150 Brazilian and Russian models were welcomed to the island. After they were tested for sexually transmitted diseases. The charms were transported to the villas in golf carts. ”

The writer continued: “To keep bin Salman and the guests in a state of enjoyment, concerts were held with the participation of the rapper, Pitbull. And K-pop star Sai and Dutch DJ Afrojak.

According to the report, the hotel’s 300 employees earned $ 5,000 per month on work. Not to mention the huge perks they got.

According to the report, two crew members who were keeping their smartphones were fired, despite the administration’s policy.

The report added, “But it became clear that the rule of non-contact with phones was an unnecessary precaution because the Prince brought an army of servants with him.

One evening, Mohammed bin Salman climbed onto the stage and started playing with the turntables, the report indicated. Much to the annoyance of the Dutch DJ.

The report notes, that news spread quickly about bin Salman, the resort and plans to celebrate for a month.

Iranian newspapers also focused on the story, and after a week of residency, bin Salman had no choice but to leave the idyllic island.

French Riviera

The writer added: “Perhaps because he was frustrated by his short vacation in the Maldives, the young prince chose to spend his next vacation. In the French Riviera, the most traditional ”.

The writer continued: “There, bin Salman fell in love with a wonderful yacht called” Sirin “, which is about 135 meters long and includes a jacuzzi. A viewing room, two helicopters, a cinema and a gym.

The writer pointed out that after Mohammed bin Salman chartered the yacht for one day, he decided that he wanted to obtain it completely for himself.

He continued: “After a few weeks of negotiating with the owner, Yuri Sheffler, the Russian billionaire who made his fortune as a seller of the vodka brand. Number one in the world is “stolichina”. Bin Salman got the yacht for $ 429 million.

He continued, “In the end, the ship docked in the Red Sea so that Muhammad bin Salman has a special place to relax when needed.”

Obsession with owning things

According to the report, the state of extravagance of the young prince did not stop there and bought many unique and rare things in the world. Besides his acquisition of palaces in France.

The report indicated that the prince’s spending spree did not end there, and that about two years later, Christie’s auctioned in New York City. Salvatore Mundi Bid Painting.

“All employees of the auction company were surprised that a buyer from the Middle East was running to buy the image of Jesus,” the report added.

The report continued: “Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Farhan Al Saud, who became Minister of Culture in 2018, made a proposal on behalf of Mohammed bin Salman.”

The prince said, according to the report, that he had been instructed to provide up to $ 1 billion for the small 66 cm long painting.

The report added, “But six other buyers were interested in the image. In the end, it was curtailed. This number to two: Chinese billionaire Liu Yikian and Prince Badr, both of whom are with Christie’s actors.

He continued, “The Chinese buyer offered $ 350 million, but when Prince Badr raised his offer to $ 400 million, he was allowed to obtain it.”

The report finds that the huge amount pushed the auction house into a state of insanity, except that Prince Badr, a very close friend and aide to Muhammad bin Salman, was found to be the mysterious buyer from the Middle East.

“Art experts are still wondering today what made Prince Mohammed proud of the painting, especially since it has not been seen since then,” the report continued.

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