Mohammed bin Zayed achieved for Israel what Herzl had not achieved and instituted the first Jewish marriage ritual | A nation is tweeting out of tune


In an Israeli picking of the fruits of normalization with the UAE, with the support of Mohammed bin Zayed, the Israeli Rabbi, Elie Abbadi, inaugurated the first Jewish marriage ritual in the city of Dubai, in a precedent, the first of its kind in the region, with the participation of representatives of the UAE in the marriage ceremony.

Jewish marriage ritual

The Israeli “Israel in the Gulf” page, via Twitter, published a picture documenting the marriage process, commenting on it as “exciting and historical days and moments.”

Many tweeters and activists interacted with the image of the Jewish marriage ritual in the emirate of Dubai, in light of the state of deterioration that the Emirates had fallen into. In the solution to the “impudent” relationship with the occupation.

Consecutive normalization stations

The UAE had introduced new amendments to the UAE Nationality Law. It is permissible to grant Emirati citizenship and passports to certain groups that include Talented investors in the country, while observers saw that it was a decision “for the eyes of the Israelis.”

Mohammed bin Rashid grants citizenship to these

This was announced earlier by the ruler of Dubai and the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Mohammed bin Rashid, in a tweet on the social networking site “Twitter” monitored by “Watan”.

Bin Rashid said that, under the direction of the President of the United Arab Emirates, Khalifa bin Zayed, legal amendments were adopted to the Emirati nationality.

According to Ibn Rashid, the amendments allow granting the Emirati citizenship and passport to investors, talented and specialized scientists and doctors. Engineers, artists, intellectuals and their families.

At the time, the ruler of Dubai indicated that the goal is to retain, attract and stabilize the minds that contribute strongly to our development process.

He continued: “Personalities eligible to obtain the Emirati nationality will be nominated through the Council of Ministers, local offices and executive councils. Clear criteria were set for each category.

He pointed out that the law will allow these competencies to retain the other nationality they hold, and our Emirati passport will maintain its global supremacy.

The persons eligible to acquire the Emirati nationality will be nominated through the Council of Ministers, local offices and executive councils … and clear criteria have been set for each category … and the law will allow these competencies to retain the other nationalities they hold … and our Emirati passport will maintain its global supremacy.

The law is in Israel’s favor

In the context, the opposition human rights activist, Hamad Al-Shamsi, commented on the decision, saying that this decision enables Israelis to obtain Emirati citizenship.

He explained, according to a video clip monitored by “Watan” at the time, that the UAE will bring another Prime Time Zone by amending laws and that drinking alcohol will be allowed in all parts of the country.

This is what we were warning of previously

He pointed out that Mohammed bin Rashid’s decision to grant Emirati citizenship to certain jobs would allow illegal relations between men and women.

He added that Emiratis are not satisfied with these decisions that affect religion and marital status. And that the UAE will contain an Emirati Chinese. Emirati Israeli, Emirati Pakistani, Emirati Indian.

He said that these laws will replace the original Emiratis with those who have recently acquired the nationality of the country.

UAE visas for Israelis

Weeks earlier, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that UAE visas granted to Israelis will be suspended until next July.

The UAE authorities had announced that they would stop UAE visas granted to Israelis as part of the first efforts to limit the spread of Corona.

The ministry statement said: “I have been informed UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs That according to the signed visa waiver agreement, and in light of the efforts made to reduce. From the spread of the Corona virus. The visa waiver agreement will be suspended until July 1.

She added: “The agreement has been suspended in accordance with Article 12 (2) of the agreement, according to which each party may suspend the implementation of the agreement. Among other things, for reasons of public health ”.

UAE Nationality Law

The Nationality Law is governed by Federal Law No. 17 of 1972 on Nationality and Passports.

Foreigners may be naturalized and granted Emirati citizenship, but the process is limited due to the decrease in the Emirati population and fears of losing the national identity.

Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries are also allowed to live in the UAE without restrictions, and they have the right to freedom of movement.

Until 2017, a child born to an Emirati mother and a foreign father had the right to apply and receive Emirati citizenship as soon as he reaches the age of 18, if he so desires.

This law was amended in October 2017 so that Emirati mothers can now grant Emirati citizenship to their children as soon as they reach the age of 6 years.

New adjustments

The amendments to the regulations set a number of conditions and controls for granting each category the nationality.

In the investor category, he must own a property in the UAE.

To grant citizenship to physicians and specialists, a number of conditions must be met, including that he be a specialist in a unique scientific field or scientific fields. It is required and important to the state.

He is also required to have contributions in conducting studies and research of scientific value in his field of specialization, and his practical experience is not less than 10 years.

He must obtain membership in a reputable organization in his field of specialization, according to the official Emirates News Agency.

In the category of scholars, to obtain citizenship, a number of conditions must be met, including that he must be an active researcher in his field of expertise at a university. Or a research center or in the private sector.

It is also required that his practical experience is not less than 10 years in the same field, and that he has contributions in the scientific field, such as winning a prestigious scientific award. Or secure large funding for research during / 10 / ten years prior.

Scientists are required to obtain a letter of recommendation from recognized scientific institutions in the country.

In the talent category, to obtain nationality for inventors, one or more patents approved by the Ministry of Economy or any recognized international entity represent an added value to the country’s economy.

The applicant for citizenship is also required to submit a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Economy.

In the category of intellectuals, artists and talented Prime Time Zone, it is required that they be pioneers in areas of priority for the state, such as culture, art and talent.

It is also required that he hold one or more international awards in his field of specialization and a letter of recommendation from the government agencies concerned in these fields in the country.

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