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Mohammed bin Zayed planted a spy network inside the Sultanate of Oman upon the death of Sultan Qaboos | A nation is tweeting out of tune


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A well-known account with its political leaks on Twitter claimed that the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and the de facto ruler of the Emirates, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, planted a spy network inside the Sultanate of Oman upon the death of Sultan Qaboos to implement a malicious scheme.

The “Emirati Secrets” account said in its alleged tweet that no evidence was presented, that Bin Zayed planted the espionage network. Immediately after the death of Sultan Qaboos, in a project aimed at “containing the Sultanate of Oman.”

As well as working to annex it to the sovereignty of the Emirates, according to what was mentioned by the famous account.

But – according to him also – this project suffered from failure after the arrest of the espionage network quickly.

Emirati spy cell

It is noteworthy that in March of 2019, former Omani Foreign Minister Yusef bin Alawi hinted that his country had seized a spy cell. It belongs to an unnamed “neighboring country”, while observers said that Emirati cell.

In response to the comment of the director of a dialogue session at the “Omani Cultural Club” at the time, regarding the minister’s failure to respond to a question from one of the attendees about seizure. Spy cell in the country, Bin Alawi said, “These are things that happen between neighbors. We treat all our neighbors with kindness. ”

Although the comment did not provide a clear response regarding the confirmation of the spying and who carried it out, it made the audience explode in laughter.

Tweeters praised Bin Alawi’s calmness and considered his statement a confirmation of what is being circulated, describing him as “the prince of wise diplomacy.”

The Sultanate of Oman has not officially disclosed the name of the country it is accused of spying on.

However, the Omani journalist Al-Mukhtar Al-Hinai wrote on his Twitter account on March 11, 2019: “Today I was in the Criminal Court in Muscat, which examined a security case involving 5 Prime Time Zone from the UAE, including officers, in addition to two Omani civilian accused,” noting that the case began 3 months ago.

He continued in another tweet: “I submitted a request to the President of the Muscat Court of Appeal to attend the sessions, and I did not receive a response, after the sessions were classified as secret. Its presence was limited to the defendants’ lawyers and their relatives.

Tweeters expressed their annoyance at what they described as “the UAE’s insistence on spying on the Sultanate and its rulers.”

While some expressed their dissatisfaction with the Omani authorities not announcing the truth of the news circulating, whether confirmed or denied, to prevent this confusion.

Spy Cell 2011

It is also worth noting that in January 2011, the official Oman News Agency announced that the Omani authorities had discovered a network spying on the Omani government and army for the benefit of the UAE.

Omani officials stated at the time that the spyware had been discovered several months ago.

And that he arrested a number of Omani citizens involved in it.

The French News Agency at the time quoted an Omani security official as asserting that “the spies were mainly concerned with the question of who will succeed Sultan Qaboos in ruling Oman.”

The Omani writer and journalist, “Mousa Al-Farai” had previously revealed, in September of 2019, the UAE’s involvement in a case. New espionage against the Sultanate of Oman, after years of Oman accusing “Abu Dhabi” of spying on its government and army.

This is not the first time that the UAE spying on the Sultanate of Oman has been exposed, as the Sultanate announced in 2011. “the dismantling of an Emirati spy network targeting the regime in Oman and the mechanism of government and military action.”

And that the members of this cell “were Omanis who occupy important positions in the security services of the state, the Royal Office, the Armed Forces and the Royal Palace.”

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