Mona Farouk raises controversy with her latest appearance and was succeeded by Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa | A nation is tweeting out of tune


The Egyptian actress Mona Farouk raised controversy in the most recent appearance, and it seems that she is still in the Emirates and has not returned to Egypt yet.

Mona Farouk in the Emirates

Pictures published by Mona Farouk on her account on the communication sites showed her in sexy clothes from one of the places in the Emirates, where behind it appeared a large-size picture of the UAE founder Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa.

Mona was wearing sexy clothes that revealed a large part of her legs, and behind her was a picture of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan, riding a horse for him and smiling.

Farouk had caused her latest case to explode with great fanfare after the emergence of leaked films showing her in disgraceful situations, she and Shema El-Hajj, with a famous director, some asserted that he was the Egyptian director Khaled Youssef.

Some activists pointed out that the Sisi regime was angry at Khaled Youssef (director of the June 30 Revolution), so he leaked these clips to him to avenge him after he made some statements that did not appeal to the regime.

Last April, the Egyptian actress, Mona Farouk, expressed her anger after being subjected to harassment while in the Dahab area in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

Mona Farouk also posted a video on her official account on “Instagram”, in which she said: “Today I was exposed to a situation that someone got up. By photographing me without noticing him, I was sitting in a restaurant in Dahab, wearing these clothes. ”

She continued: “I found him eating and filming me without me noticing him, why? Why are these mental illnesses? Is what you went through. Previously, he gave him the right to photograph me without my permission? ”

Mona Farouk also explained that she took his phone and found it had taken regular videos and pictures, adding: “I did. He wiped it off, and he apologized, but I was hurt psychologically.

Mona Farouk concluded: “Thank you to everyone who is sick. Thank you to the Prime Time Zone who do not allow us to get away from our crisis and start a page. New, and they want to frustrate us and turn us into psychiatric patients just like them.

Mona Farouk: No to harassment

Farouk also attached the video to a comment in which she said: “I have a right to live my life. They will live in peace and they will see me. Live my freedom, let the creation be for the Creator, God suffices me, and yes, the agent. Our Lord protects us from evil and sick Prime Time Zone.

And she continued, “No to bullying, no to psychological abuse, no to filming without knowledge, no to electronic harassment.”

“I was wearing a cash mayo”

Farouk also returned with another video, explaining more details about what she had been exposed to, and said: “I was wearing a cash swimsuit, and I used to put this scarf on it, but that does not prevent my body from appearing, because I am in the sea and every place has an article.”

And she continued: “Leave me alone, I want to live a healthy life, and I want to fulfill my dream, and I will become the most important actress in the universe and I will remind you of that.”

Khaled Youssef crisis and video

The two Egyptian actresses Farouk and Shema El-Hajj had leaked to them a “pornographic” video clip, accompanied by the director. Al-Masry and People’s Assembly Representative Khaled Youssef.

The clip at that time caused a wave of controversy among Egyptian circles, and both actresses were subjected to imprisonment.

The Cairo Criminal Court released Shima Al-Hajj and Farouk at the end of 2019 on a 100,000-pound bail, after an order. Charges against them related to the spread of a flagrant video showing them with the famous director Khaled Youssef.

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