Mona Zaki with two photos, 8 years apart.. See the difference in looks!


Activists circulated two different pictures of the Egyptian artist Mona Zaki, separated by 8 years.

Mona Zaki looked like years ago

In the photo taken in 2013, Mona Zaki looked not much different from the one taken in 2021.

Mona Zaki before and after

But activists had different opinions, as the two photos sparked controversy among them. Some of them saw that it becomes more beautiful with age, and some of them saw that it is the effect of plastic surgery and filters.

Among the comments: (Filters difference). Another agreed with him, saying: (By sponsoring everything that grows, your chance in the filter will increase).

Mona Zaki
Mona Zaki

And another wrote: (plastic surgery). And a follower mocked: (The more she grows up, the more money she has and she works, more plastic surgery). An activist put a title for the photo: (before and after plumbing, for example).

(The more you grow, the better)

While others praised the role of her husband, the Egyptian artist Ahmed Helmy. And she wrote: (Al-Rak for the husband is either Hala or Batfi..God willing).

While others praised Mona Zaki, stressing that she is beautiful and beloved. One of them wrote: (A really lovable character).

Another commented: (As you are, God willing, may God make you happy).

Mona Zaki in a bold dress

A few days ago, Mona Zaki published a video, during her preparations to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of (L’Oreal Paris).

Mona appeared in a black dress, with an open chest, in a very daring way.

Which exposed the Egyptian artist to criticism from the public, especially since they were not used to watching her like this.

Technically Mona Zaki

On the technical level, filming of the movie (Cairo – Mecca) by Hani Khalifa and starring Mona Zaki began last month, long after the project was announced.

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The events of the film begin days before a woman with a bad past travels to perform Hajj. And that is on a journey in which she seeks to repent for what she committed.

But that woman finds herself forced to communicate with Prime Time Zone from her old world to collect an amount of money, so she embarks on a journey to learn the meanings of repentance and purification from sins.

زكي 2 Mona Zaki with two photos, 8 years apart.. See the difference in looks!

And also a test of ordering scores on the ladder of sin, up or down, and the film was written by Muhammad Raja

It is a co-production between Film Clinic (Mohamed Hefzy), Lagoonie Film Production, and Shahinaz El-Akkad.

Also, The Producers (Hani Osama), and Saudi Arabia Pictures.

And participating in the tournament: Mohamed Mamdouh, Sherine Reda, Khaled El-Sawy, Mohamed Farraj and Mohamed Alaa.

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