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Moreno makes his worst start to his Tottenham career after suffering a fifth defeat A nation is tweeting out of tune


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In harsh and difficult numbers for the 56-year-old Portuguese coach, “Jose Mourinho.” Who is achieving the worst performance during the current season with the English team, Tottenham Hotspur.

To suffer a fifth defeat in his last six rounds in the “Premier League”. At the hands of his host West and Ham United, with two goals to one. In the 24th round of the Premier League.

My goal West Ham

The hosts and West Ham managed to score the lead against Tottenham in the 5th minute. Through the Jamaican midfielder “Mikael Antonio”, 30, with a powerful shot.

He also added the second goal by English player “Jesse Lingard”, 28, in the 47th minute. With the end of the events of the first half. After a great pass. To end in the middle of the match with two clean goals without a response.

The only goal for Tottenham

And Tottenham tried the English “Spurs”. Return to the course of the meeting with the start of the events of the second half, by relying on counter-attacks. And pressure on the opponent team’s opponent areas. But his attempts did not bear fruit. Only with one goal.

The 28-year-old Brazilian striker Lucas Moura scored the only goal in the match. Against West Ham, in the 64th minute. After a collective rebound pass for the team. The match ended with West Ham winning two goals against a single goal for Tottenham.

Tottenham squad

Tottenham coach Jose Moreno played in the absence of English player Harry Kane from the starting line-up due to injury, to play both: goalkeeper, player Hugo Lloris, in the defense, Ben Davis, Eric Dyer, Toby Alderfield, Serge Aurier.

In the midfield position, he played both players: Moussa Sissoko Pierre Hoeberg, Heung Min Son, Tangwe Ndombele, as well as the inclusion of the player Stephen Bergwin.

And offensive team play in the starting lineup, player Carlos Vinicius. Lucas Moura.

Disastrous numbers for Mourinho

The match also witnessed disaster numbers for Jose Mourinho, 56, of Portuguese coach. Tottenham’s “English” coach, has become the team that has scored less points after 50 matches in the “Premier League” competition, for the first time throughout his career as a coach in the round ball world, with 81 points.

Despite the coach’s brilliance with other European clubs. As the Spanish Real Madrid team. And the achievements made by the Portuguese Mourinho. At the local league level, “the Spanish League”. And also the Champions League. And the King’s Cup and the Spanish Super Cup. As well as Porto and other clubs.

Mourinho also scored 114 points with the Chelsea team. As well as with the German team, 95 points. And 123 points with the Spanish team Real Madrid. And in the Italian league with Inter Milan, 113 points. In 50 matches with some of those teams that the Portuguese coached.

Only the coach’s achievements. I fell into a big bump for him. After coaching Tottenham Hotspur. With the start of the season. He achieved the worst numbers in the history of his professional training career in European stadiums. Will the management of the “Cybers” be satisfied with this performance, or will leaving the club be the only option for him during the next few years ?!

West Ham and the Golden Square

It is also the first time in the history of West Ham United in the “Premier League”. That the team reside in the golden square. 25 years later. Since the last season 1985-1986 AD.

Premier League standings

The Man City team leads the Premier League standings with 56 points, surpassing Leicester City to finish second with 49 points.

West Ham is fourth

In front of the third place, the defending champion, the English man United, is ranked equal with the German United with 46 points. West Ham United also comes in fourth place after its victory over its struggling opponent in the English Premier League in the last 6 rounds with 45 points.

The rise of Chelsea and the decline of Liverpool

And in fifth place, Chelsea, with 42 points. Who came back after stumbling at the start of the league, while in sixth place, Liverpool, England, has 40 points. Who is also performing poorly during the current season.

Tottenham, Everton and Arsenal declined

While Everton is ranked seventh, with 40 points, equal to that of the Liverpool team, the Reds. In front of in the eighth place, the English Aston Villa team ranks with 36 points. Equal to Tottenham, “The Spurs” are in ninth place in the ranking by denying points.

In tenth place, Arsenal ranks with 34 points, and in eleventh place, Leather stands with 32 points.

As it came in twelfth place, Wolverhampton team came with 30 points, while Southampton came in thirteenth place with 30 points.

While the Crystal Palace team ranks fourteenth with 29 points, equal to the number of points with rival Southampton, and in the fifteenth place, Burnley ranks with 27 points from the Premier League table.

In 16th place, Brighton finished with 26 points, and Newcastle United with 25 points, one point ahead of Brighton.

Lowest league standings

Fulham, who ranked 17th, fell 19 points. West Bermwich is in second place with 14 points.

And at the bottom of the Premier League table, Sheffield United are struggling to stay in the standings with 11 points.

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