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The security authorities in Morocco arrested the dancer Hiam, in response to the anger of the Moroccan street against her after she threatened her child with death and slaughter, and called for her to be raped explicitly.

The Moroccan newspaper Al-Sabah reported that members of the regional interest of the Judicial Police in Dakhla arrested the 31-year-old dancer, after coordination between the Dakhla Police and the Cybercrime Combating Squad in Quneitra.

The Quneitra Information Crime Squad had published a nationwide telegram of research against the dancer Hiam, before it could be stopped in Dakhla.

This is in the context of the judicial investigation ordered by the Public Prosecution Office against the background of the dancer Hiam’s broadcast of a live video that includes an explicit death threat against her five-year-old daughter, and incitement to sexual assault.

Incitement to rape

The source indicated that the dancer, Hiyam, was kept under the control of theoretical guards at the disposal of the research, which will be entrusted to the Cybercrime Squad in Quneitra, as the competent authority spatially, in preparation for revealing all the circumstances, circumstances and backgrounds of broadcasting this threat and explicit incitement to rape a child.

The pioneers of social networking sites had circulated the live broadcast video, in which the dancer Hiam appeared, screaming hysterically at her daughter with profanity and outrageous words.

Hiam said in the video, which Watan apologizes for publishing: (Whoever wants to rape my daughter can do so, and I will not interfere after today).

The dancer also threatened Hiam with killing or slaughtering her daughter, or leaving her and going to the Gulf to engage in prostitution and devote herself to drugs and drinking.

The video sparked widespread anger among Moroccans, who demanded the intervention of security services and human rights associations to protect the girl from her mother.

Psychological diseases and a message to her ex-wife

They suggested that the dancer Hayam suffers from mental illnesses that made her act in this way, especially as she explicitly threatened her ex-wife if he did not take care of his daughter and tried to take her to raise her in her grandmother’s house (she would slaughter her), as she put it.

It is worth noting that the dancer, Hiyam, is not known, as she practiced dancing and became famous during the quarantine period imposed by the Corona virus crisis.

Hiam decided to turn to dancing after the state’s support for artists during the pandemic.

Noha Nabil did it before

The case of the dancer Hiam brings to mind what happened with the Kuwaiti fascist, Noha Nabil, who was prosecuted by the authorities in Kuwait after leaking a video in which she abused her son.

Recently, the Misdemeanors Court decided to acquit Noha Nabil of the charge of outraging public modesty after the spread of a leaked clip captured by a surveillance camera showing her abusing her child and describing him with obscene words.

According to the tweets of the media, Mai Al-Aidan, and the owner of the case, Noha Nabil, the latter’s innocence was decided after experts confirmed that the leaked videos were free of any content and obscene phrases on her tongue.

This was after the pleading of Noha Nabil’s lawyer, Dhari Mubarak Al-Wawan

Noha Nabil thanked the Kuwaiti judiciary and her lawyer after obtaining her acquittal.

The juvenile investigation department opens a video investigation

The video crisis dates back to last year, when a leaked clip (Khadesh modesty) spread in Kuwait and other Gulf countries, captured by a surveillance camera, for Noha.

The Kuwaiti fashionista appears in the video, assaulting her eldest child and insulting him with indecent insults, as she described him with words that are not appropriate for being obscene.

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The juvenile investigation department in the State of Kuwait opened an investigation into the content of the clip.

Noha Nabil revealed the details of the leaked video, and she could not control herself during the conversation and cried live.

Noha Nabil said during her hosting two months ago on the (Ali and Najm) program on Kuwait TV: (The video spread from home cameras, there is a betrayal that occurred, but God is above).

And Noha Nabil continued: (Cases were filed against me, and it was said that the video contained indecent words, but, thank God, the video was analyzed, and it was confirmed that it was free of any indecent words and that the words that came with it were installed).

The Kuwaiti fashionista confirmed that she does not talk to her children in the way that was shown in the video, and does not utter the words that were contained in it, adding: (It is known that I am a loose mother at home, and you can see this in the simplest situations that I photograph via Snapchat).

The biggest wound of my life

Noha continued: (If I was a bad mother, they would not take comfort with me in this way, and they would not respond to me as they want, they would have felt afraid of me).

And she continued: (What bothered me the most was the defamation of my son, and made him feel ashamed of going to school for a week because of the outrageous words in the video).

The Kuwaiti fashionista confirmed that she does not reprimand her son in front of her sister until she reprimands him in front of millions, and weeping said: (This video is the biggest wound that has happened to me in my life because no one has ever had mercy on me or stood with me, curse the Abu Social Media who will let me go through this suffering).

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