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A large number of Moroccan scholars launched a violent attack on the former Mufti of Egypt, who is close to the Sisi regime, Ali Gomaa, who is currently the head of the Religious Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives, after the latter’s attack on Imam Shatby and belittling him in an event that sparked a wave of anger.

In this context, the Moroccan investigator, Dr. Al-Hussein Ait Said, launched a stinging attack on Ali Gomaa, considering his attack on Imam Shatibi as part of an integrated scheme aimed at removing the prestige of scholars from the hearts of the nation so as not to leave them in their hearts appreciation or respect.

Sisi’s media client and a malicious scheme

Ait Said said in an article published by the Moroccan Unification and Reform Movement website: “In these sad days, there is a lot of slander against the scholars, belittling their destiny, muttering and blaming their persons and underestimating their actions. This falls from the claimants of knowledge and knowledge and the guardians of falsehood and its supporters who are among the scholars who are not among them.”

He added: “Neither the tongues of these Shatibi were safe from his majesty, nor did Ibn Taymiyyah over his heels and the breadth of his knowledge, jurisprudence and understanding, nor did Al-Izz bin Abd al-Salam, who is the sultan of the scholars, the imam of the imams, the contemporary scholars, the living and the dead…and the list goes on.”

Ait Said also wondered about the reason for this violent and relentless attack on these flags in particular and not on the obscure or the scholars of other sects.

He continued, explaining: “The reason for the knowledgeable observer is not hidden; This is because these protagonists serve a special agenda for the parties that hired them for this purpose and paid them the wages in advance, and they used to serve in secret and appear in the garb of scholars, and today they came out from secret to the open with the permission of their masters who pay them a few dirhams.

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He added: “Their intention is three things: the first of which is the preoccupation of Muslims with those of their scholars who died and led to his Lord and those of them who remained alive, and the second of them is to remove the prestige of scholars from the hearts of the nation so that no respect or appreciation remains for them in their hearts, so it is easy for them to delude them that there is no role model or example for you, and their purpose is that Those you do, these are their faults.”

And Ait Said continued: “And the third is the result of the second, the loss of confidence in contemporary scholars, especially those who are loyal to their religion and their nation, who are still in the field of calling to Islam, raising its flag, expanding its circle, and arbitrating its Sharia,” as he put it.

Dr. Ahmed Raissouni

The head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Dr. Ahmed Al-Raissouni, responded to Ali Gomaa by publishing an answer recorded for him on his page on the social networking site “Facebook” in which he talked about the elements of renewal in the jurisprudence of Imam Al-Shatibi, and his merit in compiling, framing and consolidating the jurisprudence of his predecessors. A number of scholars have written articles defending Imam al-Shatibi and emphasizing his merit over the nation.

Dr. Rachid Benkirane

For his part, the Moroccan researcher in Islamic affairs, Dr. Rachid Benkirane, responded to Ali Gomaa’s statement that Al-Shatby was a journalist by saying: “As for the one who said about Al-Shatby that he is a journalist, like someone who writes about Islamism on today’s newspapers, he should not pay attention to him. The youngest student of science today in Universities know the insignificance of this talk, the foolishness of its saying and its falsehood.”

He continued attacking Ali Gomaa, who is close to the Sisi regime: “If this is the case, then the wise Prime Time Zone do not respond to fools and fools and those whose justice has fallen, especially since the saying did not mention a strong suspicion that he fears for students of knowledge, but rather his words were sent like Sisi’s well-known media clients.”

Benkirane went on in his defense of Imam Al-Shatibi: “As for the one who said about Al-Shatibi that he is an imitator, if he was telling what Al-Shatibi told him and chose for himself in his time for a legitimate interest that prevailed in his opinion – which is for fear of loosening the nakedness of the Maliki sect, rather all the sects, and by following the religion, he preceded him to that. Imam Al-Maziri – I said: This is just an anecdote from the narrator, and it is not a judgment on Al-Shatibi that he is one of the Prime Time Zone of tradition, in reality and in order.

Ali Gomaa, “Combined Ignorance and Dysfunctional Reality”

He added: “And if the one who said informs us of his opinion on the scientific level of Shatby and that his knowledge does not deviate him from the circle of imitators, then we are in front of an article that puts us in front of him. As for compound ignorance, it is related to determining who the imitators are, and to the scientific status of Imam al-Shatibi. As for the dysfunctional reality, it is embodied in the fact that the scholars of this age have gathered on imitated theorizing to make of his theory a renewal and renaissance.

He ended his post by saying: “In short: If Al-Shatibi is not from the Prime Time Zone of ijtihad, is there a mujtahid in this era!?”

Ali Gomaa attacks Imam Shatby

The pioneers of social networking sites had circulated a video, in which the former Mufti of the Republic and head of the Religious Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives appeared on Gomaa, attacking Imam Shatby.

He mocked him by saying, “Al-Shatibi is like a journalist who writes about Islamism.. He is like the journalists with our awareness. He is not like the well-established scholars such as Al-Qarafi, Al-Zarkashi and Ibn Rushd.. He was one journalist, and therefore the age of his books I did not study.”

He continued, “But in this darkest time, they did a thing called the jurisprudence of the purposes and the arrival of the purposes… a need that the bereaved do not laugh at and the pregnant woman fall from him.. This is not a call for imams with our awareness such as Al-Rafi’i, Al-Nawawi and Al-Zarkashi Al-Qarafi, return to countries that are not approved by anyone.”

Imam Shatby

The full name of Imam Al-Shatibi is Abu Ishaq Ibrahim bin Musa bin Muhammad Al-Lakhmi Al-Shatibi, one of the scholars of Andalusia, (born in Granada). He was tutored by a number of scholars, most notably Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Fakhar Al-Biri, Abu Jaafar Ahmad Al-Shakouri: the hypothetical grammarian jurist, Abu Saeed Faraj bin Qassem bin Ahmed bin Lub Al-Taghlabi, the Grand Mufti of Granada, the preacher of its mosque and the teacher at its Nasriya school, and Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Ali Al-Balani Al-Awsi, author of the interpretation of the book (In the Obfuscations of the Qur’an), Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Abi Al-Hajjaj Yusuf bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Yahsabi, the well-known Balushi, and Abu Abdullah al-Sharif al-Talmisani: The Imam al-Muhaqqiq is the most knowledgeable of the Prime Time Zone of his time, and Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Maqri (the grandfather), known as al-Maqri al-Kabeer, and others.

Many eminent scholars who were credited with science were taught by Imam al-Shatibi, and their sciences and innovations varied in various aspects of science.

Al-Tanbakti mentioned three of them, namely: Abu Yahya bin Asim, the scholar and martyr on the battlefield described as (the companion of Imam al-Shatibi and the inheritor of his path), his brother, the jurist judge Abu Bakr bin Asim, the owner of the famous jurisprudence system (Tuhfat al-Hakam), and Sheikh jurist Abu Abdullah al-Bayani In addition to Abu Jaafar Al-Qassar, and Abu Abdullah Al-Majari.

Al-Imam Al-Shatibi, who is the owner of the school of thought, enjoyed a high scientific status, and left many books in various Arabic and legal sciences, such as grammar, morphology, derivation, literature, poetry, modern sciences, jurisprudence, jurisprudence, mysticism and innovations, and other sciences.

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