Moroccans attack YouTuber Sofiane Tahri and his wife after filming the burial of a baby (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


Activists on social networking sites in Morocco attacked Moroccan YouTuber Sofiane Tahri and his wife, who were subjected to a lot of criticism for filming and sharing videos about the death of his sister’s child.

The story dates back to 5 days ago, when Sufian Al-Tahri published videos documenting the moments of his sister Sarah’s early birth.

Sufian Taheri

Following her premature birth, health complications caused the death of his niece, so he and his wife, with the help of a group of family members, filmed three videos.

In the first video, 2 of his sister Sarah’s family filmed her while she was sleeping on the hospital bed and a number of women surrounded her.

While the couple filmed two other clips to document the burial process, the dead infant appeared wrapped in her shroud.

Adding to the criticism, the couple activated the ads feature in the three videos, which achieved more than half a million views for each clip.

The couple was subjected to harsh criticism and multiple accusations, including exploiting a human event to achieve fame and reaping sympathy and views.

A large number of Moroccans demanded that the duo be held accountable, rejecting what they had done in order to reach Trend on social media and increase the number of viewers on their YouTube page.

After the uproar that occurred due to filming from inside the hospital at the death of the girl, Sufian also published a picture of the moment the girl was buried to her final resting place, the young man replied to justify what happened and defend himself, saying: “You will be provided with your intentions.”

He continued, explaining: “For some Prime Time Zone, they say that we did this thing for the sake of buzzing or trading, how they say this thing. Our goal is to share with you our good and sad personal lives as well, and we see the Prime Time Zone who follow us as if they are our second family.”

And he concluded: “Oh God, remove the harm, Lord of Prime Time Zone, and heal you, you are the healer, there is no cure but your cure, a cure that does not leave disease.”

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