Morocco surprises 13 countries with an important decision on flights after the outbreak of Corona | A nation is tweeting out of tune


Morocco issued a new decision regarding flights between a number of countries in the world, as part of its fight against the outbreak of the Corona virus. With its mutating booms across the country.

Suspension of flights

The National Airports Office said that the decision is to suspend flights with 13 additional countries, explaining that the decision starts today, Friday, April 16, until further notice.

He added, “We have decided to suspend flights to and from Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia and Hungary. Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

The Moroccan authorities extended the decision to suspend flights with dozens of countries in the context of the current epidemic situation until May 21, 2021.

Precautionary measures

Earlier, Morocco issued a sudden decision not to allow Tarawih prayers to be held inside mosques during the holy month of Ramadan. Which angered sectors within society.

The Moroccan decision prompted some to organize protests to express their rejection of this measure.

The decision to suspend Tarawih prayers in mosques, which is approved for the second year in a row, is part of a package of strict measures. It was taken by the Moroccan government to contain the spread of the Corona virus and its mutated strains during the month of Ramadan.

And the Moroccan government recently announced that it had decided to “ban night movement at the national level every day from eight in the evening to six in the morning. With the exception of special cases, while retaining the various precautionary measures previously announced.

In response, dozens of Moroccans in the northern Moroccan city of Fnideq defied the night movement ban on Tuesday. They went on a protest march to demand the holding of Tarawih prayers.

Videos posted on social media showed them chanting slogans “This is a shame, this is a shame, Islam is in danger” and “The Prime Time Zone want Tarawih prayers”, before the authorities intervened to disperse them.

Ramadan and the Moroccans

In the context, Moroccans welcomed the blessed month of Ramadan with an atmosphere of faith and social solidarity among them, amid measures taken by the authorities. This year to confront the Corona pandemic.

Mustafa bin Hamza, a member of the Supreme Scientific Council in Morocco (the highest religious body in the country) says that Moroccans in Ramadan have a special phenomenon and a popular tradition distinctively from other months.

Bin Hamza (who is the head of the Scientific Council in the city of Oujda) added in an interview with Anatolia, that “Moroccans generally respect this month with great respect to the point that many social aspects change before Ramadan.”

He explains: “There are places that are closed because disposing of them is not permissible, and there are Prime Time Zone who stop drinking alcohol, and there are those who review themselves and then return to the mosques.”

He pointed out that “Prime Time Zone are busy in their work, but with the sunset call to prayer, we see cities stop to hasten to break the fast and prepare for Tarawih prayers.”

A special phenomenon

There are many aspects that characterize Moroccans during Ramadan, and perhaps the most important characteristic of them is the busy mosques throughout the day with reading the Qur’an. He narrated the hadiths of Bukhari, according to Bin Hamzah

Ben Hamzah confirms that Morocco is also distinguished in the meeting of scholars in the study of science by the presence of King Mohammed VI in the royal palace. This is what is now known as the “Good Lessons”.

The Hasani lessons are lectures given in the presence of the king, under his actual presidency and in the presence of a group of scholars, sheikhs and preachers. The readers and intellectual and cultural figures from Morocco and abroad, throughout the month of Ramadan.

Popular custom

The distinctive appearances of Moroccans in Ramadan are not limited to devotional works, but rather go beyond what is social to make Moroccans. On this aspect, Bin Hamzah calls “popular custom.”

He explains that “it is represented in social acts of exchange of righteousness and charity that we see more in Ramadan than in the rest of the days.”

Bin Hamzah indicates that there are official institutions that give and give to the poor and needy, and he devotes himself to this charitable work. Too many citizens.

Tarawih at home

For the second year, Moroccans will be forced, as is the case with most Muslims in the world, to perform Tarawih prayers at home, in compliance with the measures put in place by the government to avoid Corona injuries.

Bin Hamzah notes that scholars and counselors have always called for the necessity to adhere to medical advice and what the concerned authorities are doing. “Therefore, the mosques were closed, to avoid the hotbeds.”

He adds: “There is a special medical scientific council, and these directives must be taken into account because preserving souls in Islamic law takes precedence over everything.”

And stresses that adherence to health directives “is a must, because religion is not recklessness and recklessness, when experts say that the virus is.” It has become a third cycle for him, they do not speak of ignorance. ”

In 1963, the late Moroccan King Hassan II, in conjunction with the election of the first parliament, established the Hassaniya lessons that are organized every year during Ramadan. King Mohammed VI preserved this unique experience.

With the passage of years, the Hassaniya lessons became a “year” in which Morocco is unique in the month of fasting, and is held in the Royal Palace in the capital, Rabat. Which turns into a Ramadan university, in the presence of a constellation of scholars, jurists, sheikhs, preachers and reciters.

The Hasani lessons opened their doors to senior scholars of different sects and ideological orientations, Sunni or Shiite, as well as opened the door to Sufi sheikhs.

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