Mortada Mansour sets the date for his return to Zamalek (video) | A homeland tweeting outside the flock


The president of the Egyptian Zamalek board of directors, “Mortada Mansour,” revealed that he was inside the club’s headquarters at the end of this week, as the legitimate head of the team.

Mortada Mansour and Zamalek

And the Egyptian advisor, Mortada Mansour, said in a video clip that he posted on his personal account on the social networking sites “Facebook”, saying: “I will go on Thursday at six o’clock in the evening to the headquarters of the Egyptian Zamalek Club, as well as on Friday in my capacity as the club’s president.”

Mansour added, “I will go to my office in the Egyptian club Zamalek, because I am the legitimate president of Zamalek, according to what the court confirmed.”

Uncover mysterious files ملفات

Counselor Mansour vowed to reveal mysterious files next Tuesday, which was the reason for his departure from the club, as well as revealing financial irregularities and the names of the perpetrators of those crimes and the documents and documents that prove that.

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Mortada Mansour and the court’s decision

And the Administrative Court of Justice in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, had issued earlier, accepting the lawsuit filed by the former president of Zamalek, Mortada Mansour.

Which demanded to stop the decision issued by the Egyptian Olympic Committee to stop him from practicing any sports activity for a period of four years, with obligating the General Assembly to elect a new president of the club.

Egyptian league standings

The Egyptian team, Zamalek, is at the top of the league standings with 61 points, far ahead of its closest competitor, Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi, who came in second place with 43 points.

While Al-Ahly team came in third place with a single point difference with Al-Masry team with 42 points, while in the fourth place Smouha team came with 40 points.

In fifth place in the ranking came Al-Ittihad of Alexandria with 38 points, one point behind the sixth-placed Enppi team with 37 points, followed by Misr El-Maqasa in seventh place with 36 points.

The Pyramids team, which ranked eighth in the table, was equal with El-Gouna in the ninth place with 35 points, and in the tenth place in the Egyptian league, the team, Tala’a El-Gaish, came one point behind with 34 points.

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