Moscow seeks to repair relations with Europe and adjust gas production


The Kremlin’s ambassador to the European Union called on Europe to mend relations with Moscow in order to avoid future gas shortages, but insisted that Russia had nothing to do with the recent rise in prices.

Vladimir Chizhov, Russia’s permanent representative to the European Union, expects Gazprom, the state-controlled exporter that supplies 35% of Europe’s gas needs, to quickly respond to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s instructions to adjust production.
He said that the measure that would help curb the skyrocketing wholesale prices was likely to come “sooner rather than later”, as Putin gave “some advice to Gazprom to be more flexible”, something that makes him believe Gazprom will listen to those advice. .
Chizhov rejected the assertions of European lawmakers that Russia played a role in the European gas crisis, pointing out that Europe’s choice to deal with Moscow as a geopolitical “enemy” did not do any good in ending the crisis.
He added in an interview with the British newspaper “Financial Times”: “The crux of the matter is just a matter of wording, as the word of an opponent can be changed to a partner and things are resolved easier .. When the European Union finds enough political will to do so, they will know where to find us.”

Natural gas prices rose in Europe, raising fears of a winter fuel crisis and jeopardizing the economic recovery.
At some point last week, spot gas prices were about 10 times their level since the beginning of the year, before abruptly dropping after Putin hinted that Gazprom might increase supplies.
Record high prices and low reserves have alarmed European Union governments who fear a winter gas shortage, and led some member states to ask Brussels to consider emergency treatments or new reforms, but Energy Commissioner Kadri Simpson recently said the roots of the crisis “did not originate in Europe”.
Also, the cold winter in Europe and Asia has depleted gas in storage, while the economic recovery from the epidemic has increased demand and reduced wind speed in Europe this summer, reducing the level of renewable energy generation.



The article Moscow seeks to repair relations with Europe and adjust gas production was written in Al Borsa newspaper.