Mountain View sales exceed 10 billion pounds during 2020


Suleiman: 1130 units were delivered last year … and our view of the Corona period is different

The “Mountain View” real estate company achieved sales of more than 10 billion pounds during the year 2020, and delivered 1130 units to customers in all its projects.

Engineer Amr Suleiman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mountain View Real Estate Company, said that the company’s management did not deal with the Corona epidemic as a crisis that poses a danger, but rather the strategy was modified and the crisis was viewed positively and considered a new opportunity.

He added that “Mountain View” achieved during the past year a noticeable increase in the volume of investments that the company pumped into the construction operations, which is 140% more than the percentage expected by the administration.

Soliman explained that the rate of implementation of projects in “Mountain View” increased by a large percentage, and the company turned to digital marketing as an alternative plan at the beginning of the Corona crisis, and the ban periods in order to facilitate the sales process and communicate with the company’s customers.

He pointed out that “Mountain View” launched several projects during 2020, foremost of which is the “Ras al-Hikma” project and the “Polaris” project, which is the company’s first commercial and administrative projects, last November, with investments amounting to 200 million pounds.

He said that the company achieved contractual sales of 450 million pounds in all existing projects during the month of April 2020, thus setting a new record, the highest in its history.

The company also achieved sales worth one billion pounds after launching the “MV Park, The Lake” project in May alone, in which it had invested 4 billion pounds.

Soliman added that all real estate sector companies are an essential partner in urban development in Egypt, to achieve the ambitious vision adopted by the state in the Egypt 2030 plan.

The article “Mountain View” sales exceeded 10 billion pounds during 2020, it was written in Al-Borsa newspaper.