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Informed sources revealed the presence of an Emirati lobby in the Belgian capital, Brussels, driven by the fugitive Palestinian leader Muhammad Dahlan, who is close to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, to incite against Kuwait.

The sources revealed that this lobby, led by Ramadan Abu Jazar, a man close to Mohammed Dahlan, advisor to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, was a major reason for issuing a European criticism of human rights in Kuwait.

This lobby has recently been intensively active with members of the European Parliament to incite against Kuwait and take negative stances on it.

According to the same sources, according to the Emirates Leaks website, the lobby’s moves focused especially on European Parliament member Ernst Ortasson, through a suspicious relationship between the two parties that led to a negative European position on Kuwait.

Ramadan Abu Jazar presents himself to the media as the director of the “Brussels International Center for Research and Human Rights BIC”, a fake institution that he set up with Emirati funds for the purpose of launching campaigns of incitement against Abu Dhabi’s opponents.

European criticism inspired by the UAE

Identical sources highlight that the UAE is taking very aggressive, undeclared positions against Kuwait in retaliation for its positions over the years in ending the Gulf crisis and confronting Abu Dhabi’s plots to divide the Gulf house.

A memorandum issued by members of the European Parliament criticized what it called “the continuing problems in Kuwait with regard to the Bedoon community.”

The memo claimed that residents of Kuwait face “ongoing discrimination and abuse, with Bidun not only being denied citizenship, but also basic rights, such as public education, health care, and legal employment.”

She also claimed that nationality laws are “restricted” in Kuwait so that a Kuwaiti mother is denied from passing on Kuwaiti nationality to her child, that is, children born to a Kuwaiti mother and a Bidoon father are deprived of citizenship.

She also mentioned that in light of the current situation of the Corona pandemic, the Bedoon community faces additional harsh challenges such as being denied access to government clinics and hospitals.

It considered that “this structural discrimination and social stigma suffered by the Bidoon puts them in a vulnerable position as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads throughout Kuwait and is a direct violation of Article 12 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.”

Furthermore, the memo claimed that the Kuwaiti authorities “over the years used repressive measures to silence human rights defenders protesting the right to citizenship.”

Who is Ramadan Abu Jazar, who is close to Dahlan?

It is noteworthy that Ramadan Abu Jazar is the coordinator of the so-called Freedom Campaign for Palestine in Brussels, and is considered one of the most prominent men of Muhammad Dahlan in Europe.

Abu Jazar is involved in recruiting Palestinian youth in Europe to work in the Dahlan movement, and falsely sells himself as an expert in international law.

Abu Jazar worked in the International Network for Rights and Development, a security organization under the slogan of human rights founded by Dahlan, to serve the Emirates before it failed and was replaced by an institution called the Arab Federation for Human Rights.

He also worked on holding seminars and coordinating for some Egyptian and Emirati delegations to meet with European officials and members of the European Parliament.

Abu Jazar has been appearing in the UAE-funded media to defend tyrannical regimes such as Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Egypt and launch propaganda campaigns for them as well as attack their opponents.

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