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Social networking sites in Yemen witnessed widespread mourning of the death of the Mufti of the Republic of Yemen, Judge Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Omrani, who passed away at dawn today, Monday, at the age of one hundred years.

For its part, the Yemeni Ministry of Awqaf mourned Sheikh Al-Omrani, and said in a statement that the late Mufti was born in Old Sana’a from a house of knowledge and judiciary, and in his scientific life he was inclined to diligence, and that he was not intolerant of a particular doctrine in his life.

The statement added that “the fame of the deceased became known, his knowledge spread, and his teaching expanded, until he became known among Muslim countries and all over the world.”

Judge Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Omrani

He also talked about the scientific contributions of the late Mufti, who worked in the judiciary and in the field of teaching, and in mosque circles from his early life until his death.

The statement pointed out that Judge Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Omrani, through working in these areas, was able to gain the confidence of the masses who flocked to him from inside and outside Yemen to request the fatwa.

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Activists circulated pictures of the Mufti of Yemen Al-Omrani while he was in the shroud, as he seemed to be smiling, and some pointed out that the last thing he said was martyrdom.

It was also spread through the hashtag “# Al-Omrani_in_the_Allah” that activists launched to lament the Mufti of Yemen, a video clip whose publishers said it documents the last advice to the youth of Yemen from Judge Muhammad bin Ismail Al-Omrani.

Al-Omrani was exposed to a health problem at the end of last month, and was subsequently hospitalized. His condition improved, and he was taken home, but his health deteriorated at the beginning of this month.

Who is the Mufti of Yemen Muhammad Al-Amrani?

Al-Qadi Al-Omrani was born in the city of Sana’a in 1922. He is considered the most famous contemporary scholars of Yemen, and their reference in terms of legal and jurisprudential sciences.

He also served as the Mufti of the Republic, until the Houthis took control of the capital, Sana’a, and appointed another to replace him.

Al-Amrani is respected and loved by various Yemeni groups, and has distanced himself from the recent political conflicts seven years ago.

The family of Al-Qadi Al-Omrani is an ancient family in science, rooted in virtue, righteousness and the judiciary, and his grandfathers contributed to the dissemination of science, and they worked hard in that in education, guidance and composition.

His grandfather, the judge, the scholar Muhammad bin Ali Al-Amrani, was one of the most prominent students of the judge, the scholar Muhammad bin Ali Al-Shawkani.

He was active in issuing fatwas through newspapers and radio for about three decades from Radio Sanaa, in the program ‘Fatwas’, which was no longer broadcast for a few years.

The International Union of Muslim Scholars mourned the late judge, describing him as the eminent judge and one of the most prominent contemporary scholars of Yemen and their reference in terms of legal and jurisprudential sciences.

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