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Muhammad Dahlan donates twenty thousand Sputnik vaccines to buy votes in Gaza A nation is tweeting out of tune


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An Israeli report revealed details of the UAE’s attempts to exploit the coronavirus pandemic among the Palestinians to influence the general elections scheduled to be held in the coming months.

Exploitation of the Corona epidemic in the elections

The report, prepared by the Israeli journalist, Alior Levy, said that the fugitive Palestinian leader who held a position. The advisor to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, Mohammed Dahlan, takes advantage of the Corona epidemic.

Levy said that Dahlan, who is currently in the UAE, is using his relations “in reference to Egypt as well” to gain support before the Palestinian elections.

He added, “Dahlan announced on his Facebook page that he would provide 20 thousand vaccines for Sputnik to the Gaza Strip that were donated by the UAE.”

Dirty work

According to the report, in the latest dirty actions by the Emirates and interference in the internal affairs of countries and societies. The severe need for vaccines took advantage of the Corona virus in the Gaza Strip.

The leader of the dissident Fatah movement, Muhammad Dahlan, who is residing in the UAE, announced that “a first batch of vaccines as a grant from Abu Dhabi.”

Dahlan leads the so-called “reformist movement in Fatah,” where he is known as the boy of the Emirates and the head of evil in the region.

Dahlan said on his official Facebook account, “A first batch of anti-corona virus vaccines is on its way. To our steadfast Prime Time Zone in the Gaza Strip now.

A first batch of anti-corona virus vaccines is on its way to our steadfast Prime Time Zone in the Gaza Strip now. This batch is a generous grant from …

Posted by Mohammad Dahlan Mohamed Dahlan on Thursday, February 18, 2021

He added, “This batch is a generous grant from the sisterly Emirates, which comes in this delicate circumstance, where the epidemic targets each. She loved us and it does not exclude anyone, “as he put it.

Dahlan stated that the current batch includes 20 thousand doses of the Russian “Sputnik V” vaccine.

And Dahlan, who announced participation in the upcoming Palestinian elections, added that the Russian vaccine has proven great effectiveness and high safety in all experiments.

He continued: “We hope that it will be allocated to medical staff who are fighting the epidemic heroically face to face, as well as to the most needy groups and cases.”

Emirates is pumping millions of dollars

In a related context, informed sources said that the UAE has begun to pour tens of millions of dollars into the leadership’s benefit. Separated from the Palestinian Fatah movement, Muhammad Dahlan.

And the “Gulf 24” website quoted the sources as saying that Abu Dhabi allocated huge sums of money to Dahlan’s lists and their success in tens of millions of dollars.

According to the site, the most important thing is that Dahlan intends to buy the loyalty of personalities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. With money to participate in the list parallel to the list of Fatah.

The sources emphasized that the UAE’s attempts to influence the Palestinian elections scheduled to take place in May next do not continue.

A “aid convoy” arrived from UAE To the Gaza Strip through the Rafah land crossing with Egypt.

The reformist movement led by dissident Dahlan announced that he had received this aid.

The movement’s spokesman, Imad Mohsen, claimed that the convoy comes “within the framework of the aid provided by the Emirates Red Crescent to the groups. The most needy in the Gaza Strip.

A month ago, the Dahlan movement began distributing politicized money due to the proximity of the Palestinian elections.

With the elections approaching, Dahlan is trying to exploit the marginalized areas by providing financial support from the UAE to manipulate the elections.

Dahlan and Jerusalem

Palestinian sources in occupied Jerusalem revealed that the Dahlan Stream had initially pumped an estimated sum of $ 300,000.

The sources pointed out that he is seeking to seize the “golden opportunity” to prove his presence and weight in the arena, especially with the recent campaign of the Palestinian Authority.

But Dahlan, who is considered the first man in the UAE in the region, aspires to return to the Palestinian arena through the election gate.

The Dahlan Movement, backed by the UAE, announced its desire to participate in the next elections, which are scheduled to take place several months later.

The court ruling prevents Dahlan from running

However, according to Palestinian law, he is not allowed to run because of the court ruling issued against him for three years in prison. In 2016 he was convicted of embezzling $ 16 million.

According to the sources, the Emirati man will participate in official lists in the Gaza Strip. While it will work to support specific personalities to form lists under the name of “independent”.

Dahlan is pressing strongly to participate in the elections with a “unified list” of the Fatah movement, in reference to his desire to participate under the name of Fatah from which he was expelled.

And in a statement welcoming the elections, he vehemently attacked the Authority’s Chairman, General Commander of Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas.

Dahlan says that personal enmities between him and Abbas prompted the latter to dismiss him from Fatah and stand trial.

Al-Tayyar said in a statement on the announcement of the election decree that “a movement that lives in a decision crisis and slows down the leadership cannot win the confidence of the voter.”

He added, “They are committed to the unity of Fatah, and to run in the elections in one Fatah list, in which they are neither marginalized nor excluded.”

And Dahlan’s movement added, “Through it, the Fatahids leave the square of exclusivity by national and organizational decision, and choose with their own free will. Who represents them on the movement’s lists ”.

According to sources, the Emirati man considers the camps in the West Bank as his weight, most notably Balata in Nablus, Al-Amari in Ramallah and Al-Bireh, and Jenin.

She pointed out that Dahlan worked over the past years to buy up the receivables of MPs and retired officers in the authority to work with him.

Reconciliation between Mahmoud Abbas and Dahlan

The Emirati-backed newspaper, Al-Arab, revealed that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas refused to conclude a reconciliation with Dahlan.

According to the newspaper, Abbas and his supporters “consider that they are able to compete with Hamas in the upcoming elections.” And without the need for such a reconciliation with Dahlan, considering that this matter worries Egypt and Jordan.

Recently, the UAE, by virtue of its control over Egypt, dispatched the head of Egyptian intelligence, Abbas Kamel, to the West Bank.

Kamel, accompanied by the Jordanian intelligence agent, met with the Palestinian president and Palestinian intelligence chief Majed Faraj.

The Emirati-backed newspaper also revealed that “Palestinian circles close to Abbas refused to respond to Egyptian-Jordanian advice on unifying Fatah.”

And that “to enter the upcoming elections in a more coherent manner, enabling it to reduce the influence of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.”

Thus, circles close to Abbas attributed the rejection to the fact that “the movement’s body is currently able to compete strongly in the West Bank with Hamas.” And she added, “It will not be an easy game to confront Hamas in Gaza.”

Abbas considers that any “internal reconciliation at this time will be understood as and Fatah in a weak position.”

The circles around Abbas warned that a reconciliation with Dahlan would show that Abbas would have to reconcile with the figures that separated the movement. These circles stressed that this gives dark impressions of their leaders.

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Muhammad Dahlan donates twenty thousand Sputnik vaccines to buy votes in Gaza  A nation is tweeting out of tune